Tuesday, February 5, 2008

January 30 through February 5, 1938

January 31, 1938 Monday

For some time at Tilden's the bosses have been taking away the privileges of the paperboys. This morning, for no reason, they said that the H.S. boys could not get their papers first. This would make me late most everyday so I came to school without peddling and at noon got the bass to let me get my papers first. Studied. Went to Orchestral Society rehearsal.

February 1, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. (got papers first of all) W.T.S. Studied. In evening I went to Franklin Junior High (my alma mater) and sang in the chorus at a rehearsal for a minstrel show. Mr. Morrison, a teacher who taught me math in 8th grade, was in it, too, and we talked about teaching and education. Mr. Morrison is working summer at Columbia U. for a masters degree.

February 2, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. In p.m. went to movie at Scenic “Victoria the Queen.” It is pure history and very good. Studied. In evening Belle Wright let me use her ticket to Cooperative Concert association program. Bob and I heard a concert by Toscha Seidel, violinist, accompanied by Eugene Kusmiak. It was good but the concerto was beyond me. I seem to like music that is calm, that I know, or that is mostly sensual.

February 3, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Studied in p.m. Loafed in evening. Meditated and read “Sir Roger De Coverley Papers.”

February 4, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to movie “Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo” with Louie in p.m. In evening went to K.H.S.-Brattleboro game. Keene jayvees lost 27-26 but the varsity won 30-21.

February 5, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Loafed. In p.m. went to movies at Scenic with Ernie.

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