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December 31, 1938 Saturday

S.U. Worked in a.m. and in p.m. with Mr. Shepherd of NH Finance Corp. Ate dinner at swanky Dudley’s.
Now we move into more spacious quarters to continue my “log.” Next year I hope I will be able to 1)crystallize and put into action my L.L.&L. policy (or maybe a new one); 2) continue French horn work; 3) become more objective in aims. That is, begin to do, rather than ponder what to do. Farewell, 1938!
Artist’s Impression of 1938
Color-gray in spring, yellow in summer, fall—gray, split with flashes of sparkling silver. Comparison—marching over rocks in fog—seeing a clear, invigorating road ahead—at times almost reaching it.

[On back endpaper of diary:]
1. Don’t worry or be afraid.
2. Never be angry or upset.
3. Don’t be bothered by little things—do them cheerfully.
4. Try to make everyone a friend.

December 30, 1938 Friday

P.P. Worked one hour. Took a horn lesson at 3 p.m. Surprisingly Mr. Beedle started me right in on no. 1 solo—which is far from a cinch. Well, another year is closing. What have I accomplished? I have studied and obtained a real French horn. And I believe I have a background of a personal philosophy in “Live, Love, and Learn.”

December 29, 1938 Thursday

S.U. Worked 2 hours. Played horn in p.m. Loafed around most of the evening. Listened to the “TSJ” [?]. In the back of my new horn book are 10 concert solos. And are they tough! I started working up number 5. It is a study in triplets mostly running in just my range. The low G and high G fall almost in the same measure.

December 28, 1938 Wednesday

S.U. Worked 3 hours in a.m. In p.m. played horn. In evening went to 10-cent show “Adventure in Sahara”—legion picture. I liked it. Rugged picture of army life. Shows how babied we all are. Wonder if such hardship and difficult life is beneficial or detrimental. It certainly dulls aesthetic and finer senses; but it still makes man a master of himself and toughens him against any blow of fate.

December 27, 1938 Tuesday

S.U. Played horn in a.m. My new book is very good. In p.m. restrung the valves with fish line. Work 1 hour. Loafed. Worked on short story in evening.

December 26, 1938 Monday

Slept late. Legal Christmas holiday. Played horn in a.m. Learned how to get every note by stopping it. Remarkable! Went with family and Thrashers to Cullin Thrasher’s for beautiful dinner with all the fixings. In p.m. went for a ride. Played ping-pong. Came home at 6:45 and went to see Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald in “Sweethearts”—good acting and singing, but to me the music seemed characterless.

December 25, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to church. In p.m. after a big dinner we got into our presents. I received a dictionary, diary, horn method, slippers, calendar, stockings,, and handkerchief. The Thrashers came up afterwards and Bob and Alden and I played ping-pong boisterously all p.m. In the evening Bob, Laura, and I went to the Baptist church to hear an actor read Dickens’ Christmas Carol—good in all ways.

December 24, 1938 Saturday

S.U. Worked in a.m. Played ping-pong. In p.m. rested and in evening went caroling with the a capella choir. We went to the hospital, old ladies’ home, school board members’ homes, etc. etc. Ate at most every house. Had a whale of a time. I rode in Dino’s car some and some in Ray Dunda’s car. Arlene and I were paired. Home at 12 o’clock.

December 23, 1938 Friday

S.U. In a.m. took a horn lesson at Mr. Beedle’s house. In p.m. rested. Played ping-pong. In evening played ping-pong with Bob. In the last game he won 23-21. Teribly hard-fought and drawn-out. At the end I was all tired out. The poison of defeat amking me feel more so. Not anger but just stinging disappointment. Why is it that after such a feeling everything good seems so soft and sissy and shallow? Is tragedy stronger than success?

December 22, 1938 Thursday

Slept til 7. Worked 3 hours at garage. In p.m. played ping-pong with Bob. Christmas shopping was finished up in evening.

December 21, 1938 Wednesday

S.U.W.T.S. A capella sang in corridors during third and fourth periods. Christmas assembly was today. Orchestra played for first time. Worked 4 hours in p.m. In evening went to library.

December 20, 1938 Tuesday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. got no homework for first time this year, I believe. Work one hour. Slept, and relaxed in general for vacation. In evening went to 10-cent show “josette” with Bob, Laura, Nancy, and Alden.

December 19, 1938 Monday

S.U.W.T.S. Worked two hours in p.m. Loafed. Took care of the baby in evening while Ma did Christmas shopping.

December 18, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Studied. In evening ate two raw eggs and went with the a capella choir to take part in the second Christmas concert. We were pretty good according to the paper. As good as last year. The last number we had last year’s members sing with us, i.e., Bob.

December 17, 1938 Saturday

S.U. Worked a little in a.m. Went to secondhand store and bought two perfect records. One “Poet and Peasant” overture. The other one—two overtures by Rossini. Got ‘em for 15-cents!!! In p.m. worked at schoolwork. Bob came home tonight.

December 16, 1938 Friday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. a capella. Practiced concert on Sunday. In evening went to movies with Pa and Laura.

December 15, 1938 Thursday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. a capella. Sang a few numbers at Tilden School for practice. Worked at garage. Studied.

December 14, 1938 Wednesday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. went back to school for debating club. We approved a constitution. I am on the program committee. Worked at the garage for a while afterwards. In the evening I finished “Men Like Gods.” It is a real good book, about possibilities to come, etc. A lot of philosophy wrapped up in an entrancing story.

December 13, 1938 Tuesday

S.U.W.T.S. Studied. Read “Men Like Gods.”

December 12, 1938 Monday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. studied. Tonight I got H.G. Wells “Men Like Gods.” Good book.

December 11, 1938 Sunday

Slept. W.T.S.S. and church. In p.m. had a capella rehearsal for Christmas concert in the church (mine). In evening city band had a rehearsal. In p.m. went to KHS Christmas concert with Arlene. It was OK—the solos were fine but choir work not so hot.

December 10, 1938 Saturday

S.U. Worked at garage all a.m. In p.m. loafed and played horn. In evening took a bath.

December 9, 1938 Friday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. had an a capella rehearsal. In evening went to movie “Girls School” with Laura.

December 8, 1938 Thursday

S.U.W.T.S. Played horn in p.m. In evening went to 10-cent show with Laura and Pa.

December 7, 1938 Wednesday

S.U.W.T.S. Played horn in p.m. Loafed and went to bed early in p.m.

December 6, 1938 Tuesday

S.U.W.T.S. Studied. Went back to music room in p.m.—did little, however. Played horn. My lip is not what it should be because I have been so busy lately. In evening went to 10-cent show with Laura.

December 5, 1938 Monday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. fiddled around. In evening studied.

December 4, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Did homework and worked in speech all a.m. In p.m. finished essay report. At 3:30 went to West Swanzey and delivered my speech on Sacredness of Human Personality. It lasted 6 minutes. In evening went to band rehearsal. Good time.

December 3, 1938 Saturday

S.U. Worked in a.m. In p.m. loafed and worked on my speech and essay report.

December 2, 1938 Friday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. had an a capella rehearsal. Went to library. Met Cecil Nash, the trumpeter, and we had a good talk. In evening started writing my talk for Sunday on “I Believe in the Sacredness of Human Personality.”

December 1, 1938 Thursday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. did a magazine report. This is Alden’s birthday. In evening I went with him to “The Citadel.” Tonight I got two goldfish—by buying a 25-cent tube of toothpaste, I got the two, a bowl and a small plant in the water. Bought some fish food for them.

Monday, January 5, 2009

November 30, 1938 Wednesday

S.U.W.T.S. Had a junior class meeting—of course, I led it. In p.m. went back to school for rehearsal of a capella bass section. Worked at garage. Went to church supper at 6:30 with Laura. Studied in evening.

November 29, 1938 Tuesday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. went back to school to join debating club that is just being started and have a meeting to prepare for a class meeting tomorrow. Studied in evening.

November 28, 1938 Monday

S.U.W.T.S. Worked 3 hours in p.m. at garage. Studied in evening.

November 27, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Loafed in a.m. Bob left at noon for Durham. In p.m. I studied. In evening went to Christian Fellowship Meeting – travel talk with good pictures. Then to KCB rehearsal. As the 1st horn was absent tonight I played that venerated part—and not bad for me!

November 26, 1938 Saturday

S.U. Worked in a.m. In p.m. read quite a bit of “Stage” for next mag. report.

November 25, 1938 Friday

S.U. Worked in a.m.—played ping-pong, loafed.

November 24, 1938 Thursday

Thanksgiving Day. Slept late. For dinner we had all the Thrashers and Cullen Thrasher, Cora and Waldo. We had two turkeys, too much to eat, and a honey of a time. Layed around all p.m. and sang or played ping-pong or cards. In evening the six young people went to the movie “Men With Wings” – good show. About a good a day as I can imagine. Bob here, all cheerful and careless.

November 23, 1938 Wednesday

S.U.W.T.S. Worked at garage in p.m. Bob came home this p.m. In evening Nancy and Alden came up and we five kids talked and laughed until 9:30.

November 22, 1938 Tuesday

S.U.W.T.S. Made a French project.

November 21, 1938 Monday

S.U. Went to school. In p.m. and evening I studied. I believe that Fear is the monster that makes my life and everyone’s life unhappy. Practically everything we do is the result of some form of fear or other. We study hard for fear of getting low marks, we stick to boredom and convention, fearing scorn, and fearing Life itself we seek religion or abstraction. When fear is conquered, man will find his “Abundant Life.”

November 20, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to church. In p.m. I studied. In evening went to Kappa Phi. And then to second show at Colonial with Alden, “Boy Meets Girl.”

November 19, 1938 Saturday

S.U. Worked at garage in a.m. A little in p.m. and went to movies at Scenic. Today it rained and I didn’t get a chance to go to the KHS-Bellow’s Falls football game. However, it was a disappointing 7-7 tie winding up our second undefeated season. We outscored our opponents 209-25 (game average 26-3). We won 5 and tied 3. Dover, who played no competition, is the champion of the state. This was the first game I’ve missed in 2 years.

November 18, 1938 Friday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. had a capella rehearsal. In evening took Arlene to the junior-sophomore dance. It was not such a grand success, but I had a good time.

November 17, 1938 Thursday

S.U. Today my cold was pretty bad so I enjoyed a “vacation in bed,” and really had quite an enjoyable time. Pa returned from a meeting of tax collectors in Manchester tonight. I continued to read “Pickwick Papers.” Somehow, they seem to be like the Spectator Papers. I like that style of writing—mildly humorous, easy, and meditative. Seems as though they would have something like them in periodicals of today.

November 16, 1938 Wednesday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. marched with KHS band in a bicycle parade. Studied. I have a pretty bad cold tonight so I’m going to bed early. We got our first snow last night—not much, but still it’s snow. It has not all gone yet. We seem to be having winter start early this year. Predictions say it will be a hard one.

November 15, 1938 Tuesday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. loafed and played football. In evening studied like everything on five sentences of English to Latin. You know I should think with a subject as hard as that that I would be very put out, being forced to study so hard. In math, I get so enraged if a problem doesn’t come out right, and I get little satisfaction when it does. But Latin is different. I put all my efforts into it until I force some answer into the question, and then I get the nicest feeling of victory hard-won!

November 14, 1938 Monday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. loafed. Played a little football at the high school in p.m. In evening studied Latin and started reading “Pickwick Papers.”

November 13, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Studied. Went out to a Red Cross membership drive for Pa and called at several houses. In evening Keene City Band started rehearsals again. Made a magazine report on Collier’s.

November 12, 1938 Saturday

S.U., worked at garage. In p.m. listened to Dartmouth-Cornell game. Cornell won 14-7. Made a part of a mag. report in evening.

November 11, 1938 Friday

Armistice Day, Pa’s birthday. In a.m. the small KHS band played at the Spaulding gym for a peace conference—or something. In p.m. KHS beat Brattleboro 27-6 easily. The band formed a K-E-E-N-E. In evening went to a First Church C.E. social dance.

November 10, 1938 Thursday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. a capella rehearsal. In evening 10-cent show with Laura. Had a rally for Brattleboro game Friday in fifth period.

November 9, 1938 Wednesday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. KHS band practiced our maneuvers for Friday’s game. In evening studied.

November 8, 1938 Tuesday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. planned sophomore-junior dance for Friday, 18th. In evening had little band rehearsal.

November 7, 1938 Monday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. went to see if the junior class could get Mayo Panile a radio, but he has one. Just got through a successful struggle with Cicero. Boy, what a good feeling.

November 6, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Studied. Bob was here all day and left for Durham at 6:30.

November 5, 1938 Saturday

S.U. At 9 o’clock left for Manchester with Uncle Carl and Alden. Met Bob over there and he came home with us. Keene, the underdog, favored to be licked by three touchdowns, tied mighty Manchester Central 12-12—our best game in years. Best I ever saw. Everyone was crazy from the start. We led 12-0 up to the last quarter, but then their strength told and we tired out. What a game!

November 4, 1938 Friday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. had a capella practice. In evening read a book report book. Yes, it’s true. Mayo Panile had appendicitis and, of course, won’t play tomorrow. The junior class took him a card and two magazines. It blows our chances against Manchester but we’ll fight ‘em.

November 3, 1938 Thursday

S.U.W.T.S. Studied in p.m. In evening loafed. Am going to bed early tonight. Pretty tired. The Manchester Central game is Saturday. The ultimate goal at which the KHS football team has been aiming for two years. It is at Manchester, the largest high school in the state. It is rumoured that Panile has appendicitis; bad, bad, bad!

November 2, 1938 Wednesday

S.U.W.T.S. In p.m. went to Peterboro for Russell and Foster. Sherm came with me. Had a Kappa Phi committee meeting. In evening, I went, at the request of Mr. Barrett, to the rehearsal of the 172nd Infantry Band of Vermont National Guard at Brattleboro. They want me to join, but I would have to enlist in the National Guard if I did—and that is not desirable.

November 1, 1938 Tuesday

S.U. W.T.S. Studied in p.m. In evening went to little K.H.S. Band rehearsal. I’m very busy lately, but I am having a good time.
Not enjoyment, and not sorrow
Is our destined end or way,
But to act that each tomorrow
Find us farther than today.

October 31, 1938 Monday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m., had meeting of Junior Class Officers. Planned for a dance. Studied. Am going to take a bath.

October 30, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Studied most all day. In evening went to double feature showing of the two super-horror pictures “Frankenstein” and “Dracula.”