Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29, 1938 Saturday

Slept late. Worked at garage in a.m. In p.m. went in some Forcier, who Pa discovered for me, to Claremont. K.H.S. tied Claremont 0-0, not a defeat, but it spoiled our record.

October 28, 1938 Friday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. went to movies at Latchis, “Stablemates.” In evening went to Kappa Phi party. Lousy—so I came home early.

October 27, 1938 Thursday

S.U. W.T.S. Studied a little. Worked 2 hours at garage in p.m. In evening had a band rehearsal.

October 26, 1938 Wednesday

S.U. W.T.S. Studied. Wrote a description for English. Read book report book.

Friday, October 24, 2008

October 25, 1938 Tuesday

S.U. W.T.S. Studied. All I do is study and got lousy marks in tests. What to do! Sadness, woe, etc., etc.

October 24, 1938 Monday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. studied. Started reading Martin Johnson’s “Congorilla” for book report in evening. I like it.

October 23, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Did a magazine report on the Yankee in a.m. In p.m. at three went to church for Pilgrim Fellowship Rally (county). We gave supper for 15 cents. He planned for 75 and got 130, so we had to buy some more beans, etc. We profited $9.42.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 22, 1938 Saturday

In a.m. played around doing extra things. In p.m. went with band to see K.H.S. hop on Manchester West 26-0. In evening went to library.

October 21, 1938 Friday

S.U. Worked at garage all day. Went to Peterboro, etc. (to date for week $4.50). In evening, at invitation of Marion Philipps, I went to masquerade party at First Church. I dressed as a pirate and had a good time.

October 20, 1938 Thursday

S.U. No school today or Friday due to Teachers Convention. Played football in a.m. Worked at garage in p.m. (to date for week $2.75). In evening took Signe Olson to dancing lesson to be my partner. She went and claimed to enjoy it—it rained so her father took us back and forth in their car.

October 19, 1938 Wednesday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. went to 10-cent show “Little Lord Fauntleroy.” In evening 30 or less members of the Keene High School Band met at the High School under Mr. Woodbury to form a small, but well-qualified band for jobs that require a smaller band than ours at school. Fine time—I am only horn.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 18, 1938 Tuesday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. bought a book (vol. 3) of an encyclopedia for which you save coupons in the Sentinel and give 59 cents. Had a committee meeting at church for supper next Sunday. In evening wrote an essay on “Great Literature as a Refining Influence on Appreciative Readers.”
Live and help live.

Friday, October 17, 2008

October 17, 1938 Monday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. went to jayvee game with Vermont Academy. V.A. won 7-0. Studied in evening, went to Doc’s to operate (25 cents). Enclose picture of K.H.S. band of last year. I am squatted on the ground next to the tympani on the right—with circular mellophone.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 16, 1938 Sunday

Slept with Bob. Went to church. Mr. Gooch preached today. In p.m. we rode around with Bob. In evening ad a C.E. meeting which no-one had prepared for. We voted to change the name, at my suggestion and selection, to the Kappa Phi Club. I led a discussion, extempore, on propaganda. Incidentally, Kappa Phi stands for Christian Fellowship Club.

October 15, 1938 Saturday

S.U. Worked at Russell and Foster’s in a.m. Shined horn. In p.m. K.H.S. beat Newport, allegedly good, 39-0. Band played, but was lousy because of absence of most of our trumpets and trombones and Mr. Woodbury to Dartmouth-Brown game. Went to Emmond’s with Arlene, as last Sat. Bob came home today for first time—good to see him again. We went downstreet after supper.

October 14, 1938 Friday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. took a bath and practiced dancing. In evening went to Freshmen Reception with Arlene Ames. I, as Junior President, had to be in the reception line and one of the leading couples in the grand march. Had some fun dancing and then to drug store for ice cream.

October 13, 1938 Thursday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. studied and went to movies with Ernie. In evening went to second dancing lesson. Learned quite a bit.

October 12, 1938 Wednesday

Columbus Day. No school. S.U. Played football in a.m. In p.m. went with Pa and Uncle Carl to Jayvee football game at Brattleboro. 0-0 tie. Studied tres fortement.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 11, 1938 Tuesday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. had meeting of junior class officers. We are going to have a class meeting Thursday. In evening went with Pa to movie version of “You Can’t Take it With You.” I liked it just as well as when I had read the play and Pa seems tickled pink by it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

October 10, 1938 Monday

S.U. W.T.S. Have resolved to really do some studying this week, because I have really been shirking for a few weeks and am slipping in most everything, particularly French. Studied most of today. It’s all right to have lots of extra-curricular activities but you enjoy them a lot more if your studies are up, for while they are important it is really for the studies that we go to school.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 9, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to church. Studied in p.m. In evening led a discussion in C.E. on “Honesty.” It went very well.

October 8, 1938 Saturday

S.U. Worked at garage in a.m. and at 1:00 p.m. K.H.S. band marched through street. Then to football game to see dear old K.H.S. trounce Tilton Academy Jayvee’s 85-0. In evening went downstreet. Bought a book. My French horn, which I had sent to Boston to have a dent taken out, came back today, costing $4.65. Good to see it again.

October 7, 1938 Friday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. studied and in evening went with Arlene Ames to Paderewsky again. Well worth seeing twice.

October 6, 1938 Thursday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. saw Ignace Jan Paderewsky in “Moonlight Sonata.” He played superbly Chopin’s Polonaise in A-flat major and Liszt’s 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody and the first movement of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” I had prepared to hear all 3 movements, but was pleased with what I heard. In evening went to dancing lesson with Sherm and Nareau—really had one tonight.

October 5, 1938 Wednesday

S.U. W.T.S. Studied music for “Moonlight Sonata” in p.m. At 5 o’clock went to Peterboro in a garage car to get some parts for Russell and Foster’s. Ate supper in a restaurant there and came home about 7:45 to find Pa and Ma very worried about me.

October 4, 1938 Tuesday

S.U. W.T.S. Yesterday we held the primaries for class officers and I was nominated along with Donald Shedd for Pres. I have been nominated for office every year but never quite get elected. Went to Scenic in p.m. with Ernie. In evening studied “Moonlight Sonata.”

Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3, 1938 Monday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. studied. Went to the library and got a book containing the score of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” It is coming in a movie Thursday and Friday.

October 2, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to church. In p.m. went to Alden’s for dinner and played horn there in p.m. Went to C.E. in evening—was elected Treasurer. Keene Band had annual business meeting. Re-elected all officers. I was officially voted in.

October 1, 1938 Saturday

S.U. In a.m. worked at Russell and Foster’s. Went to Peterborough alone to get some parts. In p.m. K.H.S. band played at Keene’s first football game with Concord. We won in a good game 14-0. Band played and made a lousy K at the half.

September 30, 1938 Friday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. went to 10-cent show “Marco Polo.” Played rummy with Mant in evening. No lights yet.

September 29, 1938 Thursday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. played football with Nareau and Louis. In evening was scheduled to start our dancing classes but nobody turned up.

September 28, 1938 Wednesday

S.U. W.T.S. Rode bike. Studied Latin. Went to bed early as we have no lights yet.

September 27, 1938 Tuesday

W.T.S. Had band. Studied in p.m. In evening went to 10-cent show at Colonial with Mant, Laura, and Pa.

September 26, 1938 Monday

W.T.S. We got light assignments because of no electricity. Worked at Russell and Foster’s in p.m. Got my job back again. Went for a ride on bicycle in p.m. Studied a wee bit after supper.

September 25, 1938 Sunday

Slept quite late. Read a play “You and I” today (art vs. business, again). Pa administered a haircut on me in the morning. In p.m. Laura and I went for a walk up Elm Street and down Court. Nice clear, cool fall day. No lights are on yet so we all went to bed early.

September 24, 1938 Saturday

S.U. Wrote a long letter to Bob in a.m. In p.m. I went with Doc to a farm to operate on a horse. Studied. In evening played rummy with Mant. Russell and Foster said that I needn’t sweep up again ‘til business picked up.

September 22, 1938 Thursday

Arose early to view the storm damage. It is terrible. The majority of Keene’s lovely giant elms are blown down—on to houses, into every street. Railroads are of course impassable. There is no electricity and water power is low. I know of 3 cars being completely demolished by trees falling on them. 2 others were stopped right in the center of the street with telephone poles falling on them. The bowling alley near us had its entire roof blown off and the brick building wrecked down to the first floor. A house above ours was split into by a tree, leaving it inner rooms exposed to the open air. (Of course there is no school and I spend my time looking and helping). Practically every house is hurt in some way and nearly all have at least one tree on them or in their yards. Barns and garages have either floated away or been blown down. To put it briefly, Keene is practically wrecked—although we know of no fatalities. We personally were very lucky. We only had our shingles blown off, a door blown off its hinges, a window blown out and a screen porch downstairs wrenched around. No trees struck our house. The places are being rebuilt as fast as possible. Yesterday, one couldn’t walk 25 feet without striking some impassable debris—trees, telephone poles or wires, ridge poles, roofing, etc. Now it is 50 feet.

September 21, 1938 Wednesday

S.U. It has been raining several days. The water is at flood levels. The whistle blew for no school for High School or Grammar today. Came home and read book report book all a.m. In p.m. went out with Ernie to look at the flood waters. Helped his big sister move her furniture out of danger and came home at 5—it was raining even then—very hard. Ram around to do some quick errands and at 6:00 p.m. Keene became the victim of a howling hurricane. Our house shook back and forth so that we all went downstairs until it was over—or rather lessened, for it kept up viciously all night.

September 20, 1938 Tuesday

S.U. W.T.S. Studied. Uncle Mant was up for supper and in the evening (9:15) I, in driving them home in rain and fog, jammed a fender of the car, three dollars worth (curses).

September 19, 1938 Monday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. Uncle Mant Thrasher came up. He is vacationing in Keene. Studied.

September 18, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to Sunday School. Studied horn. In p.m. Keene City Band played at the fair. Horse show was this afternoon. We played several good selections. Studied in evening.

September 17, 1938 Saturday

S.U. K.H.S. band at 9:00 marched through the town and from there went out again to the fair. We played off and on until 11:30, then were dismissed. Arlene and I stayed down for dinner and afternoon program. Heard McKellyn Band in a real good concert. Saw motorcycle riding, etc. Home at 6:00.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 16, 1938 Friday

S.U. W.T.S. My license arrived today and I drove around alone some to prove it. At 4:30 had a meeting at Mr. Ralph’s to plan C.E. for coming year. In evening K.H.S. band played at the Cheshire Fair. We played until 9 and then Arlene Ames, flute, and I went around and saw the fair. We came home by the bus at 10:30.

September 15, 1938 Thursday

S.U. W.T.S. Orchestra (every Monday and Thursday) (band every Tuesday and Friday). Bought a sheet rack in p.m. for French horn. In evening Alden came up and we talked.

September 14, 1938 Wednesday

Swept up = S.U. W.T.S. Studied in p.m. In evening went to “Carefree” at Scenic (Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers). By the way (ahem!) I took my examination for a driver’s license today and passed, so, soon I will be a full-fledged driver.

September 13, 1938 Tuesday

Swept up at garage. W.T.S. In p.m. played horn and studied for A Capella. In evening studied.

September 12, 1938 Monday

Took over Bob’s job of sweeping up at the garage every a.m. W.T.S. Don’t know as I mentioned that I am in the A Capella choir now. Had first orchestra and choir rehearsal today. In p.m. loafed and played horn. Wrote to Bob. Studied in evening.

September 11, 1938 Sunday

At 8:00 left for Durham and University of New Hampshire where Bob is going to college. We found his room, 204 East Hall and helped him unpack a little. We ate dinner in Dover and looked around a lot. Bob has a nice room and I think he will like it. It was hard leaving him, but he will get along all right. Drove all the way home myself.

September 10, 1938 Saturday

Got up at same time and at 8:30 went to Rev. Ralph’s, was picked up with Gilman Gunn and went to K.U.A. [Kimball Union Academy] to Young People’s Leaders’ Conference all day. Had discussion on State Program – only 20 there.

September 9, 1938 Friday

W.T.S. Band started today – we just played a few marches. In p.m. I took a horn lesson because I will not be here tomorrow. Worked at Doc’s a little. In evening went to library and studied the dictionary.

September 8, 1938 Thursday

Skeezix still peddles. W.T.S. [went to school] regular hours today. In p.m. went back to school and got English changed from 6th to 2nd period. Studied.

September 7, 1938 Wednesday

Up at 6:30 –dressed all up and to school once more. I got room 21 for homeroom. Everything went as usual first days. Home at 12:00. Played horn. Loafed, studied in p.m. and evening.

September 6, 1938 Tuesday

Slept late. In a.m. played horn and bought school paraphernalia. Sent for license – if I can get passed the test I will get it soon. In p.m. I drove around town and then to Doc’s to operate and shine my horn. In evening had a city band concert.

September 5, 1938 Monday

Skeezix took my route. In a.m. practiced driving car – and got permission from Pa to send for license. Worked at Doc’s in p.m.

September 4, 1938 Sunday

Slept ‘til 8. Went to church. In p.m. loafed and played horn. In evening went to band rehearsal.

September 3, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. As Russell and Foster Inc. are liable to go out of business soon and leave me with no job to take I arranged to have Skeezix take the route next week but with my privilege of repossessing it. Took a horn lesson. Worked at Doc’s. Read all of Parnassus on Wheels” by Morly. Good book. Met Mr. Woodbury downstreet—he seemed pleased to know I have a French horn.

September 2, 1938 Friday

P.P. Went to Doc’s all day. Built 2 steps of stones, big ones. I have a little cold that I am trying to throw off.

September 1, 1938 Thursday

P.P. Arranged to have Skeezix Bedaw but it after Saturday. In a.m. played clarinet horn with Alden. Then played touch football with Nareau and Louie. In p.m. Nareau and I went to Normal School track and ran ¾ of a mile. Then some more football. Bought some school clothes at Goodnow’s in early evening. Then to Doc’s to stay while they went out to supper.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 31, 1938 Wednesday

P.P. Chipped in with Bob and bought some gas. Then we took quite a long driving lesson for me over around Harrisville. In afternoon Bob and I went to movie “Alexander’s Ragtime Band”—a resume of Irving Berlin’s music. It was nice. In evening I drove while Bob, Pa, Laura and I went for a ride.

August 30, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. Went to Doc’s to help him build a fence. Worked there all day. In evening shined up my horn and went to band concert at Armory. We played a lot of numbers tonight.

August 29, 1938 Monday

P.P. Went to Doc’s all day ($1.00). Red Sox are in 2nd place now—without much chance of 1st and a good chance of going lower. In evening Nareau, Louie, and Sherm arrived and we walked around town.

August 28, 1938 Sunday

Slept till 8. Went to church at Methodist church. In a.m. read Readers’ Digest. In p.m. went to Temple to Tobey’s hilltop service. It was nice but not too effective. In evening had band rehearsal.

August 27, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Took a horn lesson in a.m. Got a good lesson for next week. In p.m. went to show with Ernie. In evening bought 2 shirts and some stockings for school.

August 26, 1938 Friday

P.P. Worked at Doc’s all day.

August 25, 1938 Thursday

P.P. Went to Doc’s all day ($1.50).

August 24, 1938 Wednesday

P.P. Played horn. In p.m. went to library and to “Monadnock Region Exposition.” Bought a Currier and Ives print. Started reading “History of New Hampshire.”

August 23, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. Worked at Doc’s all day. Played horn. In evening went to “The Garden of Allah.” The story of a monk who broke his vows, ran away from the monastery, and married a well-loved lady. When she found out about it she and he decided he must go back to the monastery and he did. He really could do nothing else as he had rigidly bound his way of life but I believe he was too definite in his vows at first.

August 22, 1938 Monday

P.P. Worked at Doc’s most all day. Reading my Wicks book and found most comfort in reading Luke.

August 21, 1938 Sunday

Slept till 8. At 10:30 went to church. Rev. Ralph preached about the sacredness of the human soul and said that all that degraded it was sin. In p.m. Pa, Laura, Bob, Alden, Nancy, and I climbed Mt. Monadnock. Home at 6—good fun. Took a bath.

August 20, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. In a.m. played horn. Cousins Sylvia and Wallace LaFountain and Aunt Flora came down for the day. Entertained Wallace most of the time. Went to movies in p.m. In evening went to library. Got “The Reason for Living” Wicks. I’m awful dumb. Tonight I went downstreet at 6:00 to buy a notebook for a Deering report—forgot I had taken my bike and walked home without it. By chance at 9:00 I looked for it—found it missing and after a little remembered where it was. Found it safe after 3 hours in the busiest section of a Saturday night mob.

August 19, 1938 Friday

Rose for the last time here—breakfast and to classes—which were very good “last word of encouragement and warning” classes. Mitzi, the Japanese counselor, talked in assembly. After dinner and sad leave-takings left with Mr. Ralph from one of the best and most enlightening weeks I have known. Home at 4:00. Everyone fine. Worked at Doc’s in evening.

Friday, August 29, 2008

August 18, 1938 Thursday

Rose and went to classes. Choir met in Judson for the last rehearsal and Mr. Woodbury gave us fond farewells. Went to lake for swim meet but mosquitoes were so bad it was called off—went swimming though. In evening had a “Show-Off” party—talented pupils showed their stuff. Later had campfire in Judson—had communion and it was very effective. Choir sang.

August 17, 1938 Wednesday

Rose and to classes as usual. In p.m. the faculty played the boys of camp in softball. Boys won 17-16. I got three hits out of four attempts. In evening we had a social for which I dressed up. Had campfire in Judson Hall because of threatening weather. Choir sang several numbers.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

August 16, 1938 Tuesday

Rose and to classes per schedule. They are all interesting. In p.m. played softball, had choir, swam, etc. In evening came big circus. Coo Cluxers gave a “Gathering of the Clan” and a high dive and a tight rope walk—shams of course. Choir sang at campfire.

August 15, 1938 Monday

Rose with bell. Resumed Saturday’s classes in a.m. They are fun. In p.m. lost softball game 6-5. Coo Cluxers are behind some, now. Went swimming in p.m. In evening had a scavenger hunt. Sang in choir at campfire.

August 14, 1938 Sunday

Slept till 8. After breakfast rest till 10:45 and then to church in Deering Vilage. Beautiful dinner but was sick do didn’t eat much. In p.m. had choir rehearsal and at 4:00 we sang “Sanctus 4” at vesper service at which Mr. Goodwin spoke. After supper we had a “panel discussion” firing questions at teachers. Small group of us sang for campfire at 9:00.

August 13, 1938 Saturday

Rose with bell and after serving at breakfast went to classes on “Youth in a Changing World,” then “Knowing Our Bible,” and after assembly “Young People’s Problems.” At assembly the camps divided in clans. They are the “Cooties,” “Jitterbugs,” “Flat-foot Floogies,” and “Coo Clux Clams” (mine). In p.m. had choir rehearsal. I sing 1st bass. Then shot arrows in inter-clan competition–scored the only point for our side. Then swimming and after supper a hobo party with clan songs and yells and then campfire with talk. Campfire is impressive.

August 12, 1938 Friday

Arose at 7:00. Boston University pupils who were here for summer school left early and left the place practically empty. I went to the library and played horseshoes. In p.m. everyone came. I served at dinner and supper. In p.m. played ball and went swimming at a lake down the road. In evening got our classes straight. Had a bonfire on the hill later. A talk on fire and then bed.

August 11, 1938 Thursday

P.P. Got Skeezix to take papers for a week. Worked at Doc’s and packed all day. At 7:30 left with Rev. Willys W. Smith for Deering Community Center. Arrived here at 8:30-9:00 with 2 girls from Keene who are coming also. It was dark before we got here—everything seemed foggy, black, and gray. It will be a nice place, though, I guess. I got room no. 1 of a cabin (2 beds in a little room), unpacked and prepared for bed. Everyone seems nice so far. We are in the woods and I can hear a brook not far away as I write by lantern-light.

August 10, 1938 Wednesday

P.P. Played horn. Ma came home at 10 a.m.—much slimmer and with a beautiful baby boy. He’s awful cute. Watched him most all day. He’s just what we wanted and even cuter than we could imagine. In evening went with Laura to Keene Summer Theatre. Saw “The Bishop Misbehaves” presented by a professional cast. It was really good.

August 9, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. Played horn, etc. in a.m. Worked at Doc’s in p.m. In evening had band concert at Fuller Park. Learned today that Ma will be home tomorrow—much quicker than we thought, because she hasn’t even gotten out of bed yet.

August 8, 1938 Monday

P.P. Loafed. Played horn. In evening went to see Ma and Carl. Thought a lot today about careers and things. I believe I will aim at being a teacher in History or English—preferably History if I can find out “why.” Finished reading Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.” A good comedy. Will start on “King Lear” soon.

August 7, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Loafed. Played horn in a.m. Went to see Ma in p.m. and rode. In evening had Keene City Band rehearsal.

Today we were busy changing rooms. The big front room heretofore used by Bob and me was changed into Ma’s room and Bob and I went into their old room. I still sleep in the same room and will ‘till Ma comes home.

August 6, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Worked at Doc’s (50 cents). Bought two of Shakespeare’s plays at Goodwill store for 10 cents each. Went to see Ma in p.m. Bought supper at Emmond’s luncheonette. Went around town with Thrashers in evening.

August 5, 1938 Friday

P.P. Worked at Doc’s all day ($1). Took horn lesson in p.m. In evening went to see Ma. Discovered that I will be leaving for Deering C.E. Conference for a week just the day Carl comes home. Went to Marlboro St. Airport and saw a small (but large!) dirigible. It has been flying around all day advertising tires. Very interesting, though.

August 4, 1938 Thursday

P.P. Played horn. Went to see Ma in p.m. Bought a cantaloupe as an experiment in p.m.—it wasn’t bad. Went to Doc’s in evening (25 cents), then to 2nd show at Colonial to see “A Yank at Oxford.”

August 3, 1938 Wednesday

P.P. Played horn un peu—worked at Doc’s. In p.m. finished “Northwest Passage” at Doc’s. In evening tried to draw. Didn’t get to see Ma today.

Friday, August 1, 2008

August 2, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. Played horn in a.m. In p.m. went to see Ma at hospital. In evening had band concert. Mosquitos were terribly thick and made the most uncomfortable conditions I have ever played under.

August 1, 1938 Monday

P.P. Played horn. Practiced music reading. In p.m. went to hospital. Then rode bike with Alden. To hospital again in evening. Today I drew a bust of a man in pencil, carefully on a ½ sheet of math paper. Not too bad.

July 31, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Loafed. In p.m. went to see Ma and Carl. Everything O.K. Be glad when Carl comes home. Went for ride with Thrashers in our car. Went to Keene City Band rehearsal in evening. Play “Poet and Peasant” overture –very good. Since Ma has been gone we have had a lot of work to do here and it takes lots of time.

July 30, 2008 Saturday

P.P. Worked at Doc’s (75 cents). In p.m. went to Winchester with Uncle Carl and Alden to see a semi-pro ball game between Winchester and some large shoe factory—shoe factory won 11-7. In evening went to see Ma. She is better. Carl is coming O.K. A nurse held him to the window and I saw him yawn and cry. What a baby!

July 29, 2008 Friday

P.P. At 8:20 a.m. this morning CTR was born at the Elliot Community Hospital. It was raining slightly at the time. He weighs 10 lbs. and 4 ounces. Both doing fine. Went to see Ma at hospital in p.m. She’s coming O.K. Saw Carl through the nursery window. He’s real big. Has well-shaped head, brown hair, large mouth (most outstanding feature). Awful cute. Had horn lesson. Went to second show at Scenic.

July 28, 1938 Thursday

P.P. Played horn. Went library. Loafed. Very, very hot today. Thought and read “Larry”—diary of a college student finding his place in the world. Agreed on morals and physical fitness with him. SPECIAL—Ma went to the hospital at about 3:30 the morning of July 29. Have no results yet. It is and was raining like everything with occasional thunder. All us kids slept right through her leaving. Pa took her, of course.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 27, 1938 Wednesday

P.P. Worked at Doc’s all day ($1.30). Went to second showing in evening of “The Plainsman.” Good picture.

July 26, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. Played horn. Worked at Doc’s in p.m. (60 cents). In evening had a band concert at Fuller Park. Today Ma was supposed to go to the hospital but she is still home.

July 25, 1938 Monday

P.P. Alternated playing horn and reading all morning. In p.m. went to “Captains Courageous”—a very good picture. Loafed in evening.

July 24, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Played horn a little. Drove car on long ride in p.m. Ate candy and really loafed all day. In evening had city band rehearsal.

July 23, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Loafed. Went to Doc’s (75 cents). Went downstreet with Bob in evening.

July 22, 1938 Friday

P.P. Went to Doc’s ($1). In p.m. took horn lesson. In evening had a band concert with city band. After concert went to 2nd show. Saw “The Count of Monte Christo.”

July 21, 1938 Thursday

P.P. Read “Northwest Passage.” Worked at Doc’s. In evening played horn.

July 20, 1938 Wednesday

P.P. Practiced horn. In p.m. read “Northwest Passage.” Alden came up and brought his clarinet. We played duets for some time. Astonishingly, he plays very well by ear but can’t read well. I would play the air in F—he would improvise in the same key, then I would take alto parts and he go over the air again. Worked at Doc’s in p.m. and evening. ($1).

Saturday, July 19, 2008

July 19, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. Played horn. Drove car with Bob. In p.m. went to Latchis. Saw “Shopworn Angel.” Good picture. Read “Northwest Passage.” In evening rode bikes with Alden. No band concert tonight because of “threatening weather.”

July 18, 1938 Monday

P.P. Went to Doc’s. Worked on furniture. Helped fix a flat tire in p.m. Practiced horn a lot. Aunt Netty returned here from Vt. today. In evening went to Alden’s.

July 17, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Practiced horn. Played badminton in p.m. Drove the car with Bob. Had a K.C.B. practice in evening.

July 16, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Worked t Doc’s (25 cents)—then mowed Belle Wright’s lawn (50 cents). In p.m. stayed at Doc’s (75 cents). In evening went to Scenic with Earnie.

July 15, 1938 Friday

P.P. Today Robbins Bros. Circus is in town. In a.m. Alden Thrasher and I went to the grounds and worked all morning putting up the big tent. We got a free pass. We earned more but I just did it for the fun, anyway. In p.m. took first French horn lesson. Did O.K. In evening went to circus with Laura—got a reserved seat. It was a nice show, pretty good sized.

Monday, July 14, 2008

July 14, 1938 Thursday

P.P. Played horn. Uncle Carl Thrasher and family moved to Keene today. They live on Elliott St. Read.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 13, 1938 Wednesday

P.P. Played horn in a.m. In p.m. Kermit Davis came up and went to “Stella Dallas” at Scenic. Went driving in evening.

July 12, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. Practiced horn. Helped around house because Ma doesn’t feel good. Shined my horn in p.m. It now looks almost as good as new. In evening went to Armory for 2nd Band Concert. I took my French horn for its first concert with me but after the first four numbers it began to rain so we stopped the concert—got my horn a little wet but wiped it off well.

July 11, 1938 Monday

P.P. Practiced horn. Went to Doc’s (50 cents) and operated. Practiced horn in p.m. Loafed.

July 10, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Practiced my French horn. I have a French horn method book. I have trouble hitting the correct tones—there are so many of the same fingerings. Went out with Pa and drove in p.m. to Surry and back. I do all right. Went swimming at Belle’s camp at Munsonville from 5 to 7. In evening took French horn to Keene City Band rehearsal. It has an E-flat slide—could play better in a group—easy music, too.

July 9, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Went to Beedle’s Music Store and by chance found Mr. Beedle there. Gave him a check for $35 and became the proud possessor of a genuine French horn. In p.m. cleaned and polished old horn and fixed up my new one. Went to Sherm Reed’s and played badminton on his court. Practiced, of course, on F. horn. It has a very small mouth piece and is much more difficult to play than my mellophone.

July 8, 1938 Friday

P.P. Helped Ma around the house. In p.m. took horn lesson at 3:30. Mr. Beedle said he would sell his French horn for $35—case and all. Pa says he will help me buy it or but it all himself tomorrow. In p.m. drove the car around the yard. In evening drove to Surry and back.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 7, 1938 Thursday

P.P. Went to library—read on Beethoven’s “Eroica.” Got a set of rules for badminton to study. Played horn for 1 hr. as per schedule. In p.m. worked at Doc’s (25 cents) and then went for a ride on my bike. Went up beyond Surry and across to Gilsum and down to Keene in 2 hours, 15 minutes. Played badminton in evening. Listened to Beethoven’s seventh symphony.

July 6, 1938 Wednesday

P.P. At 9:45 went to Doc’s ($1.00) while he went to an auction. Listened to the all-star game. The Nationals won 4-1. At 5:30 I went to Munsonville to Belle’s cabin where a select crowd was gathered to give Mildred Ralph a birthday party. Beautiful supper, swim, and boat ride. Home at 9:00 to listen to an orchestra program on radio including Beethoven’s “Eroica.

July 5, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. Rested mostly from yesterday. Aunt Netty left for Aunt Flora’s this morning. She is coming back when Ma goes to the hospital, which may be any time. In evening Keene City Band gave first of six outdoor concerts at the Armory. All went well. Play too many popular numbers, 3 marches, a medley and an overture “Jolly Robbers” with a pip of a horn solo in it—the 1st horn played it, of course, not me.

July 4, 1938 Monday

P.P. Played badminton in a.m. Worked at Doc’s p.m., then to show “Prisoner of Zenda” at Colonial. Bought a box of firecrackers and fired them. In evening at about 9:30 Bob and I set out for the carnival grounds to se the town fireworks. Walked around with Laura, whom I met there, until midnight. Rode on Ferris Wheel. Saw beautiful fireworks. Home and bed at 1:00 a.m.

July 3, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Loafed. At 12:00 o’clock went in uniform with Keene City Band to Vilas pool at Alstead. We gave a 2 hr. concert. Home in time for supper. Played badminton.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 2, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Went to Doc’s at 10—remained all day ($1.00). The Thrashers and Aunt Netty came up. The Thrashers are going to move here from Milford sometime soon. Aunt Netty is going to stay with us a while. Went downstreet with Bob.

July 1, 1938 Friday

P.P. Read. Practiced horn. In p.m. at 3:00 I went to Beedle’s for a horn lesson. Everything went well. I may get a real French Horn soon. In evening I went to “The Hurricane” with Laura. A thrilling picture! Bob has gone to the Summer Theatre tonight on a pass for all seniors. Learned that the Robbins Bros. Circus is coming July 15.

June 30, 1938 Thursday

P.P. Went to Doc’s ($1). Shingled a porch roof on one of his houses all day. Played badminton with Bob in evening.

June 29, 1938 Wednesday

P.P. Played horn. Worked at Doc’s in a.m and p.m. ($1). Played badminton. Went to library in evening. Got “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.”

Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 28, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. Went to Doc’s in a.m., operated. Then went with him to Troy and Fitzwillliam to see a sick horse and fix the teeth of horses at a riding school. Got dinner at a wayside stand. Stayed over there while he and the “Mrs.” went to Marlboro. Home at 5:00 ($1). Band concert scheduled for tonight called on account of rain.

June 27, 1938 Monday

P.P. Studied la musique at la corne in a.m. Went to library in p.m. Got a “History of Music.” In evening went with Bob and Laura to “Mayerling,” celebrated picture in French. It was really a beautiful picture. The story was so easy to feel that you forgot it was in French. Story of Crown-Prince Rudolph. They played some fine ballet music and venetian [sic] waltzes.

June 26, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to church. Loafed in p.m. Went to Swanzey for a ride. In evening went to rehearsal of Keene City Band. Received a check for three dollars for services last Tuesday. First money I have made from my horn. Outdoor concert here next Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 25, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Worked at Doc’s all day ($2). In evening went to Joe Penner movie.

June 24, 1938 Friday

P.P. Played badminton, loafed in a.m. In p.m. went with Ernie to a new swimming place at the river and swam for ½ hour. Came home and practiced on horn for shortly less than an hour. My lip was tired from yesterday. In evening Bob, Laura, Belle Wright, and I went to Belle’s camp at Munsonville and we went swimming and boating.

June 23, 1938 Thursday

P.P. Worked at Doc’s in a.m. from 8:15-9:15. At 9:30 went to Spofford with 20 members of the ’36 class of F.J.H. Rowed the boat, roller skated, walked all day. Home at 6:00. Played horn 1 ½ hours.

Monday, June 23, 2008

June 22, 1938 Wednesday

My Birthday. Got up early and got my presents, i.e., pants, stockings, white shoes, polo shirt, tie clasp, rain coat, etc. P.P. Sherm Reed came up in a.m. He gave me a shuttlecock for badminton. We set up the set and played practically all day. Worked at Doc’s (25 cents) in evening, had party supper and went to Doc’s for post-mortem on a dog. Joe Louis is defending his title against Max Schilling tonight. Max K.O.’d him 2 yrs. ago. Result=Louis K.O.’d Max in the first round.

June 21, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. Dressed in uniform and went to Concord, N.H. with Keene City Band in the car of Mr. White. We arrived and after eating lunch dinners fell in on a side street. It was a 3 hr. parade, awful hot and we played practically all the time. After the parade, which was full of many beautiful floats, bands, etc. I got quite a little cold drink and come home at 7:00 p.m. We’ll get paid next Sunday, I hope.

Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20, 1938 Monday

P.P. The first day of vacation. Played horn, studied music in a.m. In p.m. fixed up bike with Ernie. At 4:30 went to Beedle’s Music Store to continue horn lessons. Reviewed what I have taken and went ahead quite some ways. Next lesson Friday, a week from next, at 3:00 p.m. Loafed in evening. Prepared for Concord trip tomorrow.

June 19, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Loafed all a.m. In p.m. went for a ride with family. In evening went to rehearsal of Keene City Band. The band is going to Concord, N.H. Tuesday for the big celebration of the founding of the constitution. I was highly pleased when I was listed to go and was given a good uniform to wear. I am going to try and keep it, too. It is all black, built for fat men to look good in, I guess, quite somber looking.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 18, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Played horn and studied music in a.m. In p.m. went around the paper route of Sherm Reed. We loafed around all p.m. in deck chairs on the lawn and played quiet games. Went downstreet in evening with Laura and Bob.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 17, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. Got report cards immediately. I got 92, 93, 94, 95 in studies. Rehearsal for orchestra in graduation tonight. Studied music in p.m. In evening was Bob’s graduation. He gave his valedictory very well and led the class in getting diplomas. Orchestra played. After graduation we went to a drugstore for ice cream. Bob, however, went out with his girl and some others.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 16, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Not much doing today except passing in books. School ends tomorrow. Went to 10-cent movie all alone in p.m. Played horn. Loafed. Had a haircut. Went to library in evening. Got books on music.

June 15, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Bob had his Senior Picnic at Spofford today. I got him a polo shirt as a graduation present. Went to Beedle’s music store and arranged to recontinue my horn lessons, as I have planned all year, at 4:30 next Monday. Studies scales today.

June 14, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Senior Assembly today. Orchestra played. In p.m. went to Sophomore class picnic. Played soft-ball and tennis. Had a good supper. In evening went to 10-cent show at Colonial. Saw “The Last Gangster.” A poignant picture revealing crime in a cruel light.

June 13, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. Played horn in p.m. Read “Silas Marner.”

June 12, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to Church. Today was Children’s Sunday – lot of funny pieces by little tots. In p.m. at 2:00 went to Bob’s Baccalaureate (whew!) sermon at the first church. Dot Lamb and Jim Bowers came down from Hartland today. In evening went to Keene City Band rehearsal. Got some new orchestrations. Among them was “The Dipsy Doodle,” current jazz tune. First real swing I have played. Must admit it was great fun and exciting. It is awful hard to get off when you get caught in the swing of it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. It rained hard all the morning. In p.m. it stopped but remained cloudy. Today, at the Alumni Field, was held the Twin State track between the 3 best men in each event from Vermont and N.H. N.H. won by a good score. Many records were broken. The half mile state record was cut to 2:2 1/10. I got in free as an “Aide.” Went downstreet in evening.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. Worked at Doc’s (50 cents). Loafed. We had our Athletic assembly today. The baseball letters were awarded. Bob got a certificate to show that he got a year’s subscription to the Reader’s Digest for being valedictorian. I got a Jayvee letter in track. We had a Latin test today. It was the last of our final tests. Next week is the last week of school. I am planning some big things this summer in the way of music training and possibly philosophy.

June 9, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Had final French test. Worked at Doc’s in p.m. (25 cents). Got a letter for Band today at the office. Like last year’s, but had to pay for it. In evening went to 10-cent show with Nareau.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

June 8, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. No test today. Worked on French stories in p.m. Studied for French test tomorrow. I am not going to Ralph’s tonight.

June 7, 1938 Tuesday

Slept and ate breakfast with Mr. Ralph. P.P.W.T.S. Had a Geometry test. Worked all p.m. on some outside reading in French. Went up to Mr. Ralph’s to sleep again tonight. Learned today that at the athletic meeting last night the board decided to give 5 of us track men who have worked all the year but not earned a letter (10 points or score in a letter meet) a Junior Varsity (Jayvee) letter. That is good.

June 6, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. Had final English test. Worked over Doc’s all p.m. Studied a little in evening. At 8:30 Rev. Ralph called and asked me to spend the night with him because his wife is away and there is a young lady in the house.

June 5, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to S.S., skipped church. Studied for English test tomorrow. Bob had an A Capella recital in Winchester today. Went to rehearsal of Keene City Band in evening. Coach Drew told us yesterday before the relay that if we won our heat he would try to get us a letter even if we didn’t place in the final time. I hope he succeeds.

June 4, 1938 Saturday

Went to K.H.S. and 8 a.m. and left with Coach Drew for Concord and the Kiwanis meet. Arrived O.K. Loafed around. Looked at their small 352 yard track. Ate dinner at Nardini’s. Went to State House. Ran the 1 mile relay in p.m. (last on program). 13 teams were entered, so they ran 2 heats and took the 4 fastest times. K.H.S. won our heat easily but the 2nd heat 4th place team was 5 seconds better than our time of 3:41. Came home at 7:40. Went immediately to Barnett Bros. Circus here. It was a small circus but had some good aerial acts. 4 elephants. Starred Wm. Desmond, film cowboy.

Monday, June 2, 2008

June 3, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. No track. Went to cowboy movie in p.m. with Earnie. Studied. Loafed. Got Skeezix to peddle my papers tomorrow.

June 2, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track in p.m. Ran 352 in 43.6 Studied. Received some Perry Pictures which I ordered with Laura last week. Got “The Dying Gaul,” “Victory of Samothrace,” and others.

June 1, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. In p.m. I did not go to track, but a rehearsal for C.E. Band was scheduled but Mr. Farr had a tooth pulled and could not come, so we didn’t have any. In evening C.E. had our show. The band played 3 fair numbers, Bob sang and a pantomime was given. It was better than was expected. Cleared 7.50. I was in Band and pantomime (villain).

May 31, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. Went to school. In p.m. went to track. Started work for the 5 man mile relay at Concord this Saturday. (352 yds. to a man). Studied. Went to rehearsal of C.E. Musical and Variety Show to be given tomorrow.

May 30, 1938 Monday

Skeezix Bedaw peddled papers. I got up as usual but went at 8 with K.H.S. Band to Fitzwilliam to play a memorial day service. Things were the same as last year except the program was shorter. In p.m. went to movie “Kidnapped,” the movie of the famous story. In evening went to another recital of the a cappella choir. They were good.

May 29, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to S.S. and church. Loafed. Went for a ride with folks in p.m. In evening went to C.E. meeting.

May 28, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Loafed in a.m. In p.m. went to Rotary Track Meet at the Alumni Field. This is a state meet. I ran the semi-finals of the 100 yd. and 220 yd. dashes. Portsmouth won the meet. Keene was third (pretty good). In evening went downstreet with Laura and Bob.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27, 1938 Friday

Bob’s birthday. P.P.W.T.S. Went au cinema in p.m. with Ernie. Had big birthday supper. Dr. Gillis gave Bob $10.00. Went for a ride.

May 26, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Felt run down today so I didn’t go to track. Loafed. Bought Bob a birthday present. The Barnett Bros. Circus is coming June 4, but that is the day of the Kiwanis meet at Concord, so maybe I won’t be able to go. Loafed in evening. Feel refreshed.

May 25, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track in p.m. Ran slowly today. Went to C.E. band rehearsal at 4:30. In evening went for ride with Ma and Pa.

May 24, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track in p.m. Studied. Read part of “The Marks of an Educated Man.”

May 23, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. No track. Studied. Went to rehearsal of church band at 4:30. In evening went to all-color movie of “The Adventure of Robin Hood.” It was good. Just the type one should expect, romance, adventure, thrills. Very enjoyable.

May 22, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to S.S. and church. I have charge of the tickets for C.E. entertainment June 1. Went for a ride, loafed in p.m. In evening Carl Thrasher and family came for a short visit from Milford, N.H. Went to C.E. and to City Band rehearsal.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 21, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Read all of “We are Not Alone” in a.m. In p.m. went to the Vermont School track meet at Alumni Field. Six Vermont schools competed. I ran in the quarter … ran well but far from placing. In the semi-final of the 220 I placed 3rd, qualifying for the final. In the final I came in fifth, just being nosed out of 4th, for a point and a letter, at the last yard. Fifth seems my natural and habitual place.

May 20, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. No track today. Went to library. In evening I went to K.N.S. presentation of “H.M.S. Pinafore.” Laura was in the chorus. It was funny and pretty good. A small orchestra accompanied. In a.m. today Bob left for Burlington, Vt. with the A Capella choir where the New England Festival of Music is.

May 19, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track but did not do much. At 4:30 went to a rehearsal of the church band at church, which I arranged. We are pretty bad. Studied. Finished “Quentin Durward.”

May 18, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track in p.m. Ran a 352 yd. dash in 43 3/5, that is the distance of the 5-man mile relay of the Kiwanis meet, which I hope to run. In evening went to piano recital at Masonic Hall. It was a pretty good recital, being shorter and simpler than I expected.

May 17, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Today we got our election cards to choose what we will take next year. I decided to take another year of Latin, English, French, and probably intermediate algebra. I figure that the Latin will fit in with what I plan to do – teaching or some such profession. Went to track with Nareau in p.m. In evening went to 10-cent show with Kermit Davis.

Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. In English today we had reading tests that took 45 minutes so we cut 5th period and orchestra. No track practice today. Worked at Doc’s. Operated and minded telephone (65 cents) in evening. Loafed.

May 15, 1938 Sunday

Slept 14 hours and arose much refreshed. Went to church. Read “Quentin Durward” in p.m. Took it easy. At 4:30 went to C.E. meeting and planned for a musical and variety show June 1. Took it easy some more after getting home. No Keene band rehearsal tonight. It sure is a lot of fun resting after getting so tired yesterday. It rained like everything last night and showered much of today.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14, 1938 Saturday

Rose at 5 a.m. Went to High School and got in same bus as Bob and went to Nashua. At 9:30 the band played two numbers for rating. Loafed. At 11:45 the orchestra also played two numbers for rating. Then Bill Abbot and I, in a special car with Mrs. Davy, school nurse, came home, missing the parade, mass bands, etc. and went immediately to track meet at Alumnae field. I ran 4th in the 100 yd. dash, and 5th in the 220 yd. dash. Placed 3rd for 1 point in the quarter in 57 seconds. Keene won the meet from Bellows Falls by 63-56 – the first meet we’ve won in 6 years. Came home very tired – went to bed at 6:30.

May 13, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. No track today. Operated, shined up my horn. Had my shoes tapped [topped?]. Studied. Read “Quentin Durward.” Tomorrow I rise early to go to Nashua for State Music Festival with band and orchestra. Bob goes, too. In p.m. I am going to run in the Bellows Falls track meet here.

May 12, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Had a geometry test today. In p.m. went to track. Ran a 220 and 2 – 100s and ½ mile, In the future I guess I’ll go into more detail on track. After supper went to Doc’s and operated (35 cents). Studied.

May 11, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Today I started taking weather observations and studying weather prediction just for the fun of it. Went to track in p.m. Studied Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” in evening. Learned part of:

“The quality of mercy is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest.
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes."

May 10, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S.= peddled papers, went to school
P.P.W.T.S. It was announced today that Bob is this year’s valedictorian as Laura was. He got his picture in the Sentinel and it was mentioned in the out-of-town papers. Had an orchestra rehearsal in p.m. for state contest at Nashua on Saturday. Went to track. I am in a slump in running. Loafed.

Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. Had pictures taken for Salmagundi today. In p.m. went to track with Nareau. Worked lightly. In evening went to return of an old but excellent picture of Wallace Beery in “Treasure Island.” Enjoyed it. I like that book about as good as any I know.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 8, 1938 Sunday

Slept late (till 10:30). Bob, Laura, and Pa went to Hartland today. Ma and I stayed home. This is mother’s day. Loafed. Worked on Geometry. In evening went to rehearsal of Keene City Band.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 7, 1938 Saturday

Rose early and left at 6 for Durham with the coach. Arrived in plenty of time. In a.m. was eliminated from the 220 in the first heat. Got a free dinner at U.N.H. In p.m. watched the finals. Stallbird slowed badly in the mile. Nareau went slowly, too. In the mile relay Scott, Brosnahan, Nareau and I ran 5th, just off scoring position. I dropped from 4th to 5th in my lap. Had supper in Concord. Home at 9:30. Had a sub for my papers.

May 6, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. Wore band uniform and had picture for Salmagundi taken. In p.m. went to track with Nareau for a very light workout on passing the baton in relays. It rained and was a little cold so I wore some warm-up pants and sweatshirt I bought at Sears & Roebuck. Tomorrow I go to State Track meet at Durham. Will run 220 and relay (1/4 mile for each man). I won’t do anything in 220 but hope to score in relay. You see, if I get any points I will get a letter.

May 5, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track with Nareau in p.m. Ran a quarter-mile in 58 2/5 seconds. Operated at Doc’s (25 cents). In evening we went to Swanzey to the home of Cullin Thrasher to visit. Their son Waldo is now home from Concord’s mental hospital and is practically well.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May 4, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Got excused from 7th period. Came back at 2 for rehearsal with Fitchburg Band. In evening played at City Hall in a combined group. 12 pieces in all with Mr. Bouvier of Fitchburg and Mr. Woodbury of Keene alternating at directing.

May 3, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. Went back to school. Had band rehearsal 5th period. The concert with Fitchburg is tomorrow. Went to track in p.m. with Nareau. Studied a little and read “Paradise Lost.”

May 2, 1938 Monday

No school because of Teachers convention. P.P. Went to K.H.S. band rehearsal in p.m. Went to track. Read quite a bit of Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” In evening Miss Ringdahl, French teacher, called me and asked me to recite a couple of French poems at a Women’s meeting. I hurriedly learned them and gave them at the home of Mrs. Houpis on Main St. From there I went to Keene Orchestral Society’s last rehearsal of this season.

May 1, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to S.S. and church. Made a book report in p.m. Went for a ride with folks. N evening went to Keene City Band rehearsal. Got a solo cornet book of marches to practice on.

April 30, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Rested. In p.m. dressed up and went to Fitchburg in cars with 11 other track men. Keene lost to Fitchburg’s large team 63-27. I ran in the 100 and 220 yd. dashes, which were both swept by Fitchburg. I came in 5th of 6 in the 100 and last of 5 in the 220. I was the only Keene man in the 220. Nareau came 4th in the mile.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29, 1938 Friday

P.P. Played horn. Played ball in a.m. It rained a little but Nareau and I went to track and loafed. We are going to have a meet at Fitchburg, Mass. Tomorrow. In evening went to movie “Rawhide” with Nareau. Lou Gehrig baseball star was in it and was a cowboy.

April 28, 1938 Thursday

P.P. Played my horn. Got out all my slides and put them in and got my horn in C which will go with the piano without transposition. Laura and I played piano and horn for an hour or so. C is too low for good tone, though. Went to track with Nareau in p.m. Ran a good 220. Coach said it was 24 but I think he got it wrong for I didn’t run. Went for a ride in evening with family.

Friday, April 25, 2008

April 27, 1938 Wednesday

P.P. Played horn in a.m. In p.m. went to track with Nareau. Today I ran a 25-second 220 yd. dash. That is the time I had to get to run in the meets. I did it with no opponent and on a poorly rolled track. I had track shoes (which I borrowed). In evening went to 10-cent show with Laura. It was a nice show.

April 26, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. Helped Bob take down the storm windows. Kermit Davis came up and I went over to his house ‘til dinner. In p.m. went to track with Nareau. Ran quite a bit. In evening Nareau and I rode a bus to Marlboro to se a man about a suit for Nareau but he had gone to New Jersey ‘til Thursday. We bummed home and got a ride easily.

April 25, 1938 Monday

P.P. A week vacation started today but I was kept pretty busy. At 9:30 had K.H.S. band rehearsal. Then went to Doc’s to operate. In p.m. went to track with Nareau. Some track shoes coach ordered for me came but they were small. Had an action physical exam as a result of the Wheeler affair and passed O.K.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 24, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to S.S. and church. Bob sang his solo “A House By the Side of the Road” again at Sunday School. Aunt Etta went to church. Loafed in p.m. Went for a ride. Went to C.E. meeting. They had Rev. Tong, a missionary from the Philippines, speak. Went to Keene City Band in evening. Bob had a A Capella choir concert tonight and all the family went to that.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 23, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Played horn. Loafed. Went to 10-cent show at Scenic with Ernie. Read. Went downstreet with Bob in evening. We go on daylight saving time tomorrow.

Monday, April 21, 2008

April 22, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. Aunt Etta came down this p.m. to spend the weekend. In evening the K.H.S. orchestra played at the Lions Club revue. We did not play much and the show wasn’t very good but I had a nice time.

April 21, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Had K.H.S. band practice in p.m. with Mr. Bouvier directing. He is Fitchburg’s leader. We play a concert with them May 4. Loafed. Studied. Laura’s birthday. I got her “Anthony Adverse.”

Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. No track ‘til Monday due to respect for Edward Wheeler. Loafed. No Church band rehearsal today. Went to library. Got play “As a Man Thinks.” Studied. Read the play.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 19, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track in p.m. with Nareau. In evening went to all-color picture “Tom Sawyer.”
There was a freshman named Ed Wheeler whom Coach had heard could run. He asked Nareau and me to get him to come out. We asked, encouraged him but this a.m. he told me that he was not well and was going to have his appendix out and could not enter track. I told him to come out when he had had it. He evidently changed his mind because he came out this afternoon—overworked and had a convulsion during a ¼ mile and died after he got to the hospital. It’s all over town.

April 18, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track in p.m. with Nareau. Ran a 59 second quarter today. Ordered some track shoes from coach. Studied. In evening went to Keene Orchestral Society rehearsal. I was the only horn there—and had a good time. Rain all day today. We are having typical, refreshing April weather (an average of 2 bright, green, sunny days to 1 growing, cool day of light rain).

Thursday, April 17, 2008

April 17, 1938 Sunday

Easter. Went to 7:00 o’clock sunrise service of young people. Bob sang his first full length solo at it. He sang “A House By the Side of the Road” very well. W.T.S.S. and church. Studied. Wrote an editorial to the Seniors for English. Went to G.A.R. hall but found that there was no rehearsal tonight. The janitor was fooled too and heated the place all up.

April 16, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Played catch with Louie in a.m. Nice warm day. In p.m. went to track with Nareau. Ran ¾ mile and a 100 yd. 11 4/5 sec. for 100 (lousy). Studied. Went downstreet with Bob.

April 15, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. In p.m. with a good drizzly April shower Nareau and I went out to the track with the coach. We were about the only ones there. Nareau and I ran a half-mile. He won but I didn’t mind. You see, the coach has in mind to run me in halves at first, then ½’s and 100 yards, and thus get ready for 440’s and 220’s. In evening went to movies with Sherm Reed at Colonial.

Friday, April 4, 2008

April 14, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track in p.m. with Nareau. Ran a half-mile in 2:18—not bad, for me, allegedly a sprinter. Haven’t done any sprint work yet. Worked at Doc’s (50 cents). Studied. In evening went to 10-cent show alone to see Boris Karloff in “The Invisible Menace.”

April 13, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. In p.m. the track season officially opened at Alumni Field. I got a pair of black shorts, which may signify that I am on the team, but he gave them to many others. Practiced starts. Ran a 440 in 63, I could have done better though but I loafed at first. Went to church band rehearsal. Studied.

April 12, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Tinkered with my bike and was very pleased to get it back together successfully. Studied.

April 11, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. Worked around the house. Ran a little. Rode bike through Swanzey. Played horn. After supper studied. Loafed. No orchestra tonight.

April 10, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to S.S. and church. Studied in p.m. and listened to the New York Philharmonic Orchestra from 3 to 6. Went to rehearsal of Keene City Band in evening. Mr. Farr, the director, was married last week and passed cigars around in celebration thereof. I took one for Pa.

April 9, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Got about 2 inches of dirty slush. Played horn, piano. In p.m. went to Colonial to 10-cent show with Earnie. In evening I went to “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” again with Laura, who had not seen it. I enclose a picture of Doctor Gilles, for whom I work very often. Worked there today (25 cents).

April 8, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. Loafed. Played horn, piano. In evening did Latin and English. Ma was sick today and Mrs. Shaw and Wright came over to help. Bob and I did dishes and picked over beans.

April 7, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Got a haircut. Studied. Took a ride on my bike. In evening went to annual Senior play. This year it was “The Blue Ghost” a spooky mystery story. It was good and accomplished its ends—thrills and comedy although the plot came out peculiarly and was complicated. Started studying the piano.

April 6, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Had a special 5th period orchestra rehearsal for the Senior play which is coming tomorrow. Studied at Doc’s in p.m. (25 cents). Shined my horn. Studied. Went to library. Got the score for piano and solo parts for “Il Trovatore.” Memorized a part of “Idylls of the King” for English.

April 5, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. (rode bike) W.T.S. Worked at Doc’s in evening (25 cents). In p.m. went to full-length, colored animated cartoon “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” with Kermit Davis. They had a children’s matinee after the main show and I stayed over for that. Studied. It was a good picture. I like the dwarfs particularly. I believe that “Dopey” was the funniest.

April 4, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S.=peddled papers, went to school
P.P.W.T.S. Worked at Doc’s in p.m. (50 cents). Rode my bike. Studied. Went to Keene Orchestral Society rehearsal in evening. Walked home with Arlene Ames. We are going to give a concert the first part of May in the K.H.S. assembly hall.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 3, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to S.S. and church. Played ball with Bob in p.m. Went for a ride in our new 1938 Ford V-8. Went to concluding meeting of the church preparation group. I already belong to the church, but it is a good course for me. Went to rehearsal of Keene City band.

April 2, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Went to K.N.S. track in a.m. Jogged a mile. Went bicycling with Louie down around Swanzey Pond. Bought a “side-kick” stand and a lock for my bike. Went to movies in p.m. with Ernie. Rode bike around Court Street close to Surry and home in 50 minutes.

April 1, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. Pa took over his duties as tax collector today. Took a big Latin test. Went to K.N.S. track in p.m. with Nareau. Ralph Wright got permission to buy our car today and did so, giving me his bicycle as trade-in. I gave Pa $5.00. Rode it on an inaugural trip around the 5-mile drive. It is a last year’s model Elgin and in pretty good condition. It is red. Worth well over $5.00 anyway.

Monday, March 31, 2008

March 31, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Dean Atwood of Hartland, Vt. came down today and stayed most of p.m. We went to Doc’s (50 cents) to operate and mind telephone. Studied for big Latin test tomorrow.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 30, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. They forbade us to use the K.N.S. [Keene Normal School] track so Nareau and I ran in the Greenlawn Cemetery. Went to Church band rehearsal. Studied. Went to library. Got “The Reign of Patti,” story of a great operatic soprano.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

March 29, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Operated (25 cents). Went to Normal School track with Nareau. I am getting into pretty good condition. Studied. Loafed. Ralph Wright is going to buy our Chevrolet if his father will let him and if he does I am going to get his bicycle as a trade-in on the car and pay Pa $5.00 for it.

Friday, March 28, 2008

March 28, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. Worked at Doc’s (25 cents). Went to Normal School track and officially started spring track training. Ran a slow half. Wrote a report on the Bastille for contract. Went to Keene Orchestral Society rehearsal. We play a Chinese suite which was very catchy.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

March 27, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to S.S. and Church. Studied. Went to C.E. at 5:15, then to movie “King of Kings” at First Church. It was the life of Christ. It was a very moving picture portraying most of his manhood, especially the Crucifiction [sic!].

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 26, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Went to Normal School track with Nareau and Louie. Gave my horn a good going over. Worked at Doc’s in p.m. (25 cents). Went to Normal School to test and prove that a dog had been killed by strychnine. In evening went to Keene Normal School again to a farce opera. It was very funny all the way through. It was called “La Vie de Napoleon.” Tres funny.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 25, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. Operated (25 cents). My book of music for alto and F horns came. It has a good list of solos, duets, etc. for horns. Pa got his picture on the front page of the Sentinel for being tax collector. Went around Nareau’s paper route. Loafed.

Monday, March 24, 2008

March 24, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S.=peddled papers, went to school
P.P.W.T.S. Went to movies at Scenic in p.m. with Louis. Worked on contract. Operated (25 cents). Pa, by a great surprise to us all, got elected for the job of Tax Collector at $2000 a year. He will probably take the job April 1.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

March 23, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Had S.S. Orchestra (or band, as it is now) rehearsal at four in p.m. Worked on English contract. Read the new Readers Digest. Read the book supplement about the voyage of Magellan.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

March 22, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Loafed, played ball in p.m. Worked on “Tale of Two Cities” contract in evening. We had another bright, warm spring day today and I am beginning to shed coats, hats, etc. Took a nice walk downstreet in p.m. without wearing any coat and mailed a card to Carl Fischer Inc. for a catalog of music for an F horn or E-flat alto. Practiced on the horn for about an hour. I am getting a pretty good lip now and can get some nice tones.

Friday, March 21, 2008

March 21, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. Operated at Doc’s (25 cents). Threw in a load of wood. Played a little baseball. Studied. Went to Keene Orchestral Society rehearsal. We played part of “Lohengrin.” This is the first day of spring and the weather is perfect. It is nice and warm and bright. Pa put his name in for the job of tax collector. There has been a lot of talk about who should have it and Pa thought he might have a chance.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 20, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to S.S. and Church. Studied. Bob came home from New London in p.m. He had a good time and lots of practice. Went to C.E. and later to Keene City Band rehearsal. We played “Atlantis” suite. It is good.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Went to Normal School track with Nareau and Louie in a.m. In p.m. listened to the All-New England chorus (which Bob is in) over radio. It was very good. Fixed up a dog’s broken leg and cut at Doc’s (25 cents). Went to a farm with him to see horse with the heaves. Went to movie at Colonial in evening with Earnie. Had fine weather today.

March 18, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S.=peddled papers, went to school
P.P.W.T.S. In p.m. went to movie “Victoria the Great.” It is a very historical picture of the reign of Victoria. I enjoyed even more this time than I did the last for I looked up about it. Started reading “Faust.” At 8:30 went to Doc’s (25 cents) to operate. Cecil Nash led band today and orchestra yesterday. He did pretty well.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 17, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Loafed. Burned in p.m. Had a big fire. Studied. Went to library in evening. Read up on Queen Victoria which is coming again in a picture tomorrow. Got Goethe’s “Faust,” a metrical English translation.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 16, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Loafed. Had Church Orchestra rehearsal in p.m. We aren’t bad. Took a bath, Bob left early this morning for New London, Conn. with 11 other K.H.S. musicians to be in the All-New England Music Festival Chorus. Some went to be in the orchestra and band, too. Cecil Nash is going to be in charge of the music courses at school until Mr. Woodbury gets back.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 15, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Worked at Doc’s in p.m. (25 cents) Studied “Tale of Two Cities” and started the contract on it. Pa got a lot of books from an advanced accounting school today. He is going to try to be a C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant) who gets $25 a day.

Friday, March 14, 2008

March 14, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. We had no K.H.S. orchestra today because we skipped fifth period so that the teachers might go to Mrs. Ringdall’s, a high school teacher, husband’s funeral. Loafed in p.m. Went to Keene Orchestral rehearsal in evening. Learned today we are going to have an addition to our family in July. I hope it’s a boy. At present Pa and Ma want to name it Jay Harold, Jr. if it’s a boy or Nina Laura, 2nd if it’s a girl.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to S.S. and church. Studied in p.m. Uncle Carl and Aunt Flossy came up in p.m. They are selling shoes door to door now. In evening I went to C.E. We went over to the first church for a lecture on the Youth Hostel movement. After that I went to Keene Band rehearsal. Played ‘til after ten.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Played my horn quite a lot in the a.m. Went to movie at Scenic with Ernie in p.m. Read. Went downstreet with Bob.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 10 and 11, 1938 Thursday and Friday

March 10, 1938 Thursday
P.P.W.T.S. Worked. Read the play “You Can’t Take it With You.” It is a very funny play, brings forth the theory that we should all do what we want to do rather than spend our lives as martyrs. Studied for French test.

March 11, 1938 Friday
P.P.W.T.S. Had two tests in a.m. In p.m. I went to a meeting of the Latin Club and read the part of Caesar in a play. I was elected as one of the consuls. In evening I went to Peterboro with the family to hear a concert of the A Capella choir. Tres bien!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 9, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Worked at Doc’s in evening (25 cents). In p.m. at 4:30 I went to S.S. orchestra rehearsal. We had Mr. Farr, leader of the Keene City Band, there to direct to 6 of us. He brought some brass choir music and we did pretty well. He is willing to direct us and see what he can do. In evening I went to Will Rogers in “The County Chairman” (a return of course) with Nareau and Louie. Went to Marcou’s.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

March 7 and 8, 1938 Monday and Tuesday

March 7, 1938 Monday
P.P.W.T.S. Had Keene Orchestra Society rehearsal in evening. Operated at Doc’s in p.m. (25 cents). Mr. Woodbury, K.H.S. conductor, came tonight and acted as guest conductor in “Finlandia.” We played much of our good stuff for him.

March 8, 1938 Tuesday
P.P.W.T.S. Worked over Doc’s in p.m. (30 cents). In evening went to Cooperative Concert recital at Normal School. This time we heard Kathryn Meisle, contralto. She is well known and very good. I enclose the program.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 6, 1938 Sunday

Went to S.S. and church. We got some new hymn books today. I studied most of the afternoon. In evening went to C.E. meeting. We are going to have lessons to prepare some of the Young People to join the Church. I belong but I may find it useful. Keene band rehearsal later. We played a march written by Neal Mason, a high school trumpeter.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 4 and 5, 1938 Friday and Saturday

March 4, 1938 Friday
P.P.W.T.S. In p.m. went to movie “Tarzan’s Revenge” with Louie. Studied.

March 5, 1938 Saturday
P.P. Collected. Had a haircut. Went to movie in p.m. at Scenic with Ernie. Am going to take a bath.

Monday, March 3, 2008

March 3, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Worked at Doc’s (25 cents). Made a book report. Read 2 magazine reports.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

March 2, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Worked at Doc’s in p.m. (50 cents). Finished “Ange Pitou.”

Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 1, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S.= peddled papers, went to school

P.P.W.T.S. Studied in p.m. In evening the K.H.S. orchestra played at the “Festival of Nations” at City Hall. We only played three numbers. The “Festival” had many acts put on by the different nationalities.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 28, 1938 Monday

P.P. Went back to school. Studied in p.m. In evening I went to “The Buccaneer” with Bob at the Scenic. It was an exciting story of Jean LaFitte, pirate, who helped General Jackson in the battle of New Orleans.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February 27, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to S.S. and church. Mr. Conrad, ex-minister of our church, preached today because Mr. Ralph had gone to Boston with the S.S. teachers. Loafed. In evening went to movie at Colonial with Bob Nareau. Bob with to Bellows Falls with the A Capella choir today.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February 26, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Loafed. Keene won the semi-final from Exeter at Concord in a.m. However, in evening they lost the final game to Portsmouth, 42-38 (oh, woe!). Worked at Doc’s in p.m. Went to movie at Scenic with Ernie in evening. Saw the Louis-Mann fight in the pictures.

Monday, February 25, 2008

February 24 and 25, 1938 Thursday and Friday

February 24, 1938 Thursday

P.P. Sherm came up in a.m. Loafed in p.m. Keene won the first game in the State Tournament at Concord, 43-20.

February 25, 1938 Friday

P.P. Loafed. Got a drawing book and took up drawing. There are so many hobbies I would like to have that I can’t do them all, however.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

February 23, 1938 Wednesday

P.P. Loafed. In p.m. went to movie “Thin Ice” with Ernie. Am going to listen to a World Championship boxing match tonight between Joe Louis, champ, and Nathan Mann. In all probably [sic] Louis will win. It is a tune-up for Schmeling. Louis K.O.’d Nathan Mann in the third round.

Friday, February 22, 2008

February 22, 1938 Tuesday

Washington’s birthday. P.P. Played ping-pong and caroms some today. In p.m. I went to 10 cent show at Colonial with Bob and Laura. Worked on the Constitution.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

February 21, 1938 Monday

P.P. We have a week vacation this week. In a.m. I went hiking up the R.R. tracks with Ernie. Slept in p.m. Started “The Constitution.” In evening I went to Keene Orchestral Society rehearsal. We play a piece “The Indian Village” written by Karl Beedle, the director. It is pretty good. Laura had a visit from a girl-friend from Vermont today.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February 19 and 20, 1938 Saturday and Sunday

February 19, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Loafed. In p.m. I went to movie at Scenic with Earnie. Read the exciting account of the fall of the Bastille in Dumas’ “Ange Pitou.” We are still having awfully warm weather for this season – no snow at all. Pa traded our ’36 Ford V-8 for a ’27 Chevrolet and 4 or 5 hundred $ in cash. He plans to trade in the Chevy and get a ’38 deLuxe Ford.

February 20, 1938 Sunday

Slept well and late. Went to S.S. and church. In p.m. we went for a ride in the ’27 Chevy and liked it so well that we may keep it until fall so Laura and I can learn to drive on it. In evening went to Keene City Band rehearsal. Yesterday I fixed up an old watch I got last year so that it runs fairly well.

Monday, February 18, 2008

February 18, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. Kermit Davis came up in p.m. Loafed. Kind of sick. The minstrel show I was supposed to be in is tonight but as I don’t feel good and have no important part I am going to bed.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

February 16 and 17, 1938 Wednesday and Thursday

February 16, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Loafed in p.m. In evening went with city band to Simons school in West Keene and played a short concert at a P.T.A. meeting. It was my first appearance with the City Band, but although it sometimes gets money this was a purely amateur performance. Home at 10:30.

February 17, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Layed down most of p.m. I am sick with a cold-sore throat.

Friday, February 15, 2008

February 15, 1938 Tuesday

Ma’s birthday [44 years old]. Studied. Wrote an ending to the story “100 in the Dark” by Owen Johnson. I had Mrs. Cheevers the guilty one. In evening I went up to Franklin Junior High for a rehearsal for the minstrel show. It is lousy. I am supposed to be in a dance and waltz around but we haven’t even practiced it yet. The whole thing looks like a first rehearsal. It is fun, personally though.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 13 and 14, 1938 Sunday and Monday

February 13, 1938 Sunday

Slept late and well. Went to S.S. and church. (No S.S. orchestra) In p.m. went to rehearsal for a minstrel show at Franklin School. Went to C.E. In evening at G.A.R. hall we had a Keene City Band rehearsal. We are going to play Wednesday. Bob, Ma, Pa, and Laura have gone to Brattleboro where Bob is singing in the very popular A Capella choir.

February 14, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. Bought Ma’s birthday present. Studied and going to bed early because I am not feeling well.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February 12, 1938 Saturday

P.P. = peddled papers

P.P. Collected. Rested. Went to movies at Scenic with Earnie in p.m. Bought some valentines in evening.

Monday, February 11, 2008

February 11, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. Ma had a party here in p.m. so I went to the library in p.m. and studied Latin. In evening I went to C.E. party at the church. We played games and had a good time. George Fraser and I had charge of the refreshments and we had cookies and made punch with grape juice and ginger ale.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

February 10, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. In p.m. went to Sunday School orchestra rehearsal. We did not play much, however. Studied. I lost another fountain pen and so I bought this 50 cent on today. I figure that if I am going to lose one a month anyway, I might as well lose a cheap one. In evening I went to the annual father and son banquet with Dr. Gillis as my “father.” We had a good supper and played games afterwards. I beat Bob.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

February 9, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Went up to Gilman Gunn’s to practice horn in p.m. He plays a clarinet. Went to 10 cent show in evening with Pa.

Friday, February 8, 2008

February 8, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Studied. Read Dumas’ “Ange Pitou.” About all the snow has melted and the weather is quite warm.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

February 7, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. = peddled papers, went to school

P.P.W.T.S. Worked over doc’s in p.m. Operated on two dogs. Ma and Pa went up to the farm this p.m. In evening the High School Orchestra played between the acts of the Woman’s Club play “Holiday” at city hall. We played some real music and I played some solo parts for the first time in public. The play was very good. It was a comedy with an undercurrent of seriousness.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February 6, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Played in S.S. orchestra. Went to church. Studied in p.m. In evening went to Keene City Band rehearsal. Things went quite well. They are going to give a concert in a couple of weeks and they spoke as though I might go along. I hope I will.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

January 30 through February 5, 1938

January 31, 1938 Monday

For some time at Tilden's the bosses have been taking away the privileges of the paperboys. This morning, for no reason, they said that the H.S. boys could not get their papers first. This would make me late most everyday so I came to school without peddling and at noon got the bass to let me get my papers first. Studied. Went to Orchestral Society rehearsal.

February 1, 1938 Tuesday

P.P. (got papers first of all) W.T.S. Studied. In evening I went to Franklin Junior High (my alma mater) and sang in the chorus at a rehearsal for a minstrel show. Mr. Morrison, a teacher who taught me math in 8th grade, was in it, too, and we talked about teaching and education. Mr. Morrison is working summer at Columbia U. for a masters degree.

February 2, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. In p.m. went to movie at Scenic “Victoria the Queen.” It is pure history and very good. Studied. In evening Belle Wright let me use her ticket to Cooperative Concert association program. Bob and I heard a concert by Toscha Seidel, violinist, accompanied by Eugene Kusmiak. It was good but the concerto was beyond me. I seem to like music that is calm, that I know, or that is mostly sensual.

February 3, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Studied in p.m. Loafed in evening. Meditated and read “Sir Roger De Coverley Papers.”

February 4, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to movie “Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo” with Louie in p.m. In evening went to K.H.S.-Brattleboro game. Keene jayvees lost 27-26 but the varsity won 30-21.

February 5, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Loafed. In p.m. went to movies at Scenic with Ernie.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 29 and 30 Saturday and Sunday

January 29, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Practiced horn. Went to movies in p.m. with Ernie. Saw the Braddock-Farr fight pictures. Loafed. Thought about what I want to have for a career and chose, at last, to aim at teaching and specializing on some subject. By the way – got my report card. Semester marks were as follows – 92, 93, 94, 96, and 90 and 90 in band and orchestra, which doesn't count so much (it is a good mark).

January 30, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to S.S. and church. The orchestra didn't play this morning due to lack of nerve. Studied. Went to C.E. meeting.

Monday, January 28, 2008

January 28, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. = peddled papers, went to school

P.P.W.T.S. In p.m. I went to Masonic Hall to hear Francesco Zecchino, violinist of symphony orchestra fame, 16 years of age in a recital. His accompanist used to accompany Fritz Kreisler. It was a very good recital. He got fine tone from his violin. In evening I went to picture “Alcatraz Island” at Latchis.

[Program enclosed, too faint to scan

Cover: Concert presented by Francesco Zecchino – Violinist, Carl Lamson – Pianist, under the auspices of the Music committee of the Keene Woman's Club, Masonic Auditorium, Friday, Jan. 28, 1938, 3 P.M.

Program: Violin and Piano

I. Sonata in C-minor—Grieg - xxx
Allegro molto
Allegretto espressivo
Allegro animato

Violin Solos

II. a. Melodie—Tschaikousky - xxxx
b. Hungarian Dance No. 7—Brahms-Joachim
c. Tambourin Chinois—Kreisler - xxxx

Piano Solos

III. a. Prelude in E-minor—Mendelssolm
b. Cantique d'Amour—Liszt - xxx

Violin Solos

IV. Songs My Mother Taught Me—Dvorak-Kreisler
b. German Dance—Mozart
c. Pralludium and Allegro—Kreisler - xxx
d. Souvenor de Moscow—Wieniawski - xxx

poor - x
fair - xx
good - xxx
fine - xxxx
excellent - xxxxx
no x – O.K., but not too impressive

Sunday, January 27, 2008

January 27, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S.= peddled papers, went to school

P.P.W.T.S. Studied in p.m. Read Ben Franklin. We had a rainstorm and warm weather a few days ago and practically all of our snow has gone.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 26, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S.= peddled papers, went to school

P.P.W.T.S. Went to 10 cent show in p.m. Studied. Started studying literature instead of grammar in English.

Friday, January 25, 2008

January 25, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. = peddled papers, went to school

P.P.W.T.S. Studied. Read the “Life of Benjamin Franklin.” Am going to take a bath.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

January 24, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. = peddled papers, went to school

P.P.W.T.S. Orchestra practice. Studied. Got good marks in most of my term tests. In evening went to Keene Orchestral Society meeting. We had a good turn-out and will continue going. It is interesting how big a part music is (and has been all this year) playing in my life. I play my horn practically every day. Bring it to school 4 days a week and am in 3 other organizations. I am developing a good taste and ear for music. I am getting so I can play better. I often find myself associating places, weather, or things I do with some tune I have played in some group.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January 23, 1938 Sunday

W.T.S.S. = went to Sunday school

Slept late. W.T.S.S. and church. S.S. orchestra played even worse than usual. In p.m. went to Winchester with C.E. but got too late to hear anything of a big dedication program. Came back with Cecil Nash. In evening I went, with a drag obtained by Cecil, to Keene City Band rehearsal. We played from 8 to 10. The music is quite hard but I'll get on to it, I hope. He (Mr. Farr, the leader) told me to keep coming to rehearsals, though he didn't know as could use me in the summer concerts. I belong to all important instrumental organizations now.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 22, 1938 Saturday

P.P. = peddled papers

P.P. Collected. Went cattle-testing with Doc in a.m. We went up around East Sullivan and the new snow made it hard going. In p.m. I went to Latchis with Earnie to see "The Perfect Specimen." In evening we went to Scenic to see "-- Sez O'Reilly to MacNab."

January 1 - 21, 1938

P.P. = peddled papers

P.P.W.T.S. = peddled papers, went to school

January 1, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Sherman came up in a.m. We bowled 3 strings. I got 208 – he got 185. In p.m. we went to movie “The Barrier” at the Scenic. In evening Laura and I went to see Nelson Eddy in “Rosalie.” Pa has been terribly ugly all day today: mostly at Laura because she argues with him (and beats him). He would not go to the show with Laura nor eat supper at the same table. (PRETTY CHILDISH).

January 2, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. I did not go to church today because I was kind of sick. Prepared C.E. meeting. We had a discussion tonight on “Are New Year's Resolutions Beneficial?” led by Marjorie Chickering. Had a haircut – shaved – had a shampoo. Listened to Jack Benny and Charlie McCarthy.

January 3, 1938 Monday

P.P. Went merrily back to school. Had H.S. orchestra practice. Got quite a bit of homework but it came out all right. In evening I went to Keene Orchestral Society meeting. I enjoy it. It seems quite good to get back to the old grind. As usual, after a vacation I knew a little less than nothing at school but I played my horn pretty well, for me, anyway.

January 4, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Had band practice fifth period. We are playing “Safari,” which has a horn solo in which I was rather scared. I got it, though not with any good tone. Operated at Doc's in p.m. Read a book “Keep Smiling” over there. A book about being cheerful. Studied. Read about a book “Radium,” which explained all about radium. It is pretty rare. Made some magazine reports.

January 5, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to Goodnow's and got Mrs. Pellitier to speak at C.E. next Sunday. Played with Ernie. Studied. Did magazine reports. Went to library with Bob. We have about seven inches of snow and the weather as a whole is crisp and clear. This morning a frost covered the branches of all the trees making them look white and giving a peculiar effect. Read some book reviews in the “Book Digest.”

January 6, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Had orchestra. Felt as though I was coming down with a cold so I slept some in the p.m. Studied. Started a book on Venice, “Gondola Days.” Am going to bed early to help my cold. Bob is trying to figure out what to do when he graduates. He may try to get a job with a big company and work up. I ave got to figure out what I am going to do so I won't be rushed my last year.

January 7, 1938 Friday

P.P. We had a hard rainstorm on 7 inches of snow! Need I say more? Papers were late, I was later, drenched and so stayed home from school. Studied in a.m. Loafed with Ernie in p.m. IN evening I went to Elmer Townes to have S.S. orchestra rehearsal. Changed it to a quintet and practiced to play next Sunday at S.S. We orchestrated “Sweet and Low” effectively. We are Lousy but slowly improving.

January 8, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Had a good collection. Went to Kermit Davis' in a.m. Played a little chess. In p.m. Ernie and I went to 10 cent cowboy show at Scenic. Studied music. The reason I usually go to the show Saturday is, not that the pictures are any good, but that there is a lot of “atmosphere” at a Saturday show. All kids go, eat candy, are noisy, cheer the heroes and hiss the villains of the serials. I get a seat up back, some candy (5 cents worth) and sit and listen to the noise. It is fun.

January 9, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Our “Orchestra,” now a quartet, played at S.S. Went to church. Loafed in p.m. In evening we had C.E. meeting at the Parsonage. Mrs. Pellitier gave an interesting talk on Finland. It was illustrated by Julia Shaw, who worked a post card projector.

January 10, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. Had school orchestra. Went back in p.m. and made up Friday's work. In evening I went to Fred Astaire, George Burns, and Gracie Allen in “Damsel in Distress” at Scenic. It was ultra-funny. I always have liked Fred Astaire and Burns and Allen. The picture took place in England and portrays the ups and downs of a love affair between a famous dancer and an aristocrat who lives in an old castle.

January 11, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Had band practice. Studied in p.m. It was several degrees below zero this morning. In evening I went to the home of Lois Nichols where a few boys and girls gave her a surprise birthday party. We had a scavenger hunt and my side won a box of chocolates. We played games, had refreshments, and talked 'til 11:15. Several of the people (app. 10 in all) were from F.J.H. of former days.

January 12, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Shined my horn in p.m. Studied in evening. Went to library. In reading a magazine article I learned a lot about Iceland. Funny, but I never knew anything about Iceland before. It's quite a country – an old parliament and it flourished long before Europe. Bob went to see K.H.S. play Lover [? illeg. Dover?] tonight.

January 13, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Bought a new fountain pen in p.m. Got some pictures of France for the Bulletin Board, for I have charge of it for the next two weeks. Studied. Read a magazine article about the John L. Sullivan-Jake Kilrain fight. It was the last bare knuckle fight and lasted 75 rounds., Sullivan winning, of course. It was very cruel and Kilrain was almost knocked out all the way.

January 14, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. In p.m. went to a hockey movie at the Colonial. In the evening I went to see K.H.S. play basketball with Bellows Falls. The B.F. Jvs won from ours, but the K.H.S. varsity won 32-25. It was a pretty good game and Keene worked very smoothly. This year they have eliminated the center-jump after baskets. This makes the game faster.

January 15, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Went with Doc cattle testing 'til 3:30 p.m. Read. Went to movie “That Certain Woman” at Latchis with Laura in evening. On the trip Doc and I went up through Sullivan, Alstead, Marlow, etc. We went through terribly wild country. It is full of hills and covered with snow. It was a clear day and we could see for miles. A sledge, which we were trying to pass on a narrow road, tipped over in the road.

January 16, 1938 Sunday

Slept. Got roused out of bed and had to play in S.S. orchestra. Went to S.S. and church. Studied in p.m. Jimmie Bowers of hartland came for a time in p.m. Had semi-annual business meeting of C.E. I gave a resume of what we have done and led a discussion on what we are going to do. We elected officers. Kenneth Erwin was elected president. I was nominated for re-election but refused.

January 17, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. (Every week I have K.H.S. orchestra 5th period on Mondays and Thur. Band p.m. Tues. and Fri.) Had a test in French and became aware of the fact that my mastery of it is slipping. The same for most of my subjects. I must review. In evening I went to rehearsal of Keene Orchestral Society. We had a business meeting. Members have not been coming as they should and we are weak on violins. Mr. Beedle offered to resign and some wanted to disband the orchestra. However, we did neither but chose a committy [sic] to see if we can get more violins and better attendance.

January 18, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Studied. We got a lot of snow yesterday and today was -9 degrees fahrenheit and may be colder tomorrow. I haven't much to wright [sic] tonight so we'll catch up on current events. The cabinet of the French republic fell through Friday and since then 2 men, Leon Blum and Chautemps have tried with little success to get it started again. Japan-China still fighting. We, U.S., have been in a recession the last month or so but are climbing back to recovery.

January 19, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to library. Studied. went to 10 cent show with Bob in evening. It was 27 degrees below zero this morning.

January 20, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Had a big English test. Get a Latin test and a Geometry test tomorrow. This year we are supposed to have abolished mid-years but we get them just the same, except we don't get the review we usually do. Bob is in a quandary! as to what to do when he graduates. He is thinking of trying to win a scholarship to Tufts tonight.

January 21, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. Loafed. In evening I went to K.H.S. vs. Claremont. Both the boys and girls won. I am staying up to listen to the non-title fight between Tommy Farr and Jimmy Braddock. Tommy Farr is working to be champion and Braddock is trying a comeback. -- Braddock won by a decision, -- it was a good fight.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Project begun to publish Wallace Russell's early diaries

I am planning to publish the early diaries of Wallace A. Russell (1922-1997) on this blog, adding entries as the days unfold. Soon I will bring us up to the January date, starting with the year 1938, seventy years ago, when Wallace was 15 years old. Stay tuned!