Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27, 1938 Friday

Bob’s birthday. P.P.W.T.S. Went au cinema in p.m. with Ernie. Had big birthday supper. Dr. Gillis gave Bob $10.00. Went for a ride.

May 26, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Felt run down today so I didn’t go to track. Loafed. Bought Bob a birthday present. The Barnett Bros. Circus is coming June 4, but that is the day of the Kiwanis meet at Concord, so maybe I won’t be able to go. Loafed in evening. Feel refreshed.

May 25, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track in p.m. Ran slowly today. Went to C.E. band rehearsal at 4:30. In evening went for ride with Ma and Pa.

May 24, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track in p.m. Studied. Read part of “The Marks of an Educated Man.”

May 23, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. No track. Studied. Went to rehearsal of church band at 4:30. In evening went to all-color movie of “The Adventure of Robin Hood.” It was good. Just the type one should expect, romance, adventure, thrills. Very enjoyable.

May 22, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to S.S. and church. I have charge of the tickets for C.E. entertainment June 1. Went for a ride, loafed in p.m. In evening Carl Thrasher and family came for a short visit from Milford, N.H. Went to C.E. and to City Band rehearsal.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 21, 1938 Saturday

P.P. Collected. Read all of “We are Not Alone” in a.m. In p.m. went to the Vermont School track meet at Alumni Field. Six Vermont schools competed. I ran in the quarter … ran well but far from placing. In the semi-final of the 220 I placed 3rd, qualifying for the final. In the final I came in fifth, just being nosed out of 4th, for a point and a letter, at the last yard. Fifth seems my natural and habitual place.

May 20, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. No track today. Went to library. In evening I went to K.N.S. presentation of “H.M.S. Pinafore.” Laura was in the chorus. It was funny and pretty good. A small orchestra accompanied. In a.m. today Bob left for Burlington, Vt. with the A Capella choir where the New England Festival of Music is.

May 19, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track but did not do much. At 4:30 went to a rehearsal of the church band at church, which I arranged. We are pretty bad. Studied. Finished “Quentin Durward.”

May 18, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track in p.m. Ran a 352 yd. dash in 43 3/5, that is the distance of the 5-man mile relay of the Kiwanis meet, which I hope to run. In evening went to piano recital at Masonic Hall. It was a pretty good recital, being shorter and simpler than I expected.

May 17, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S. Today we got our election cards to choose what we will take next year. I decided to take another year of Latin, English, French, and probably intermediate algebra. I figure that the Latin will fit in with what I plan to do – teaching or some such profession. Went to track with Nareau in p.m. In evening went to 10-cent show with Kermit Davis.

Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. In English today we had reading tests that took 45 minutes so we cut 5th period and orchestra. No track practice today. Worked at Doc’s. Operated and minded telephone (65 cents) in evening. Loafed.

May 15, 1938 Sunday

Slept 14 hours and arose much refreshed. Went to church. Read “Quentin Durward” in p.m. Took it easy. At 4:30 went to C.E. meeting and planned for a musical and variety show June 1. Took it easy some more after getting home. No Keene band rehearsal tonight. It sure is a lot of fun resting after getting so tired yesterday. It rained like everything last night and showered much of today.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14, 1938 Saturday

Rose at 5 a.m. Went to High School and got in same bus as Bob and went to Nashua. At 9:30 the band played two numbers for rating. Loafed. At 11:45 the orchestra also played two numbers for rating. Then Bill Abbot and I, in a special car with Mrs. Davy, school nurse, came home, missing the parade, mass bands, etc. and went immediately to track meet at Alumnae field. I ran 4th in the 100 yd. dash, and 5th in the 220 yd. dash. Placed 3rd for 1 point in the quarter in 57 seconds. Keene won the meet from Bellows Falls by 63-56 – the first meet we’ve won in 6 years. Came home very tired – went to bed at 6:30.

May 13, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. No track today. Operated, shined up my horn. Had my shoes tapped [topped?]. Studied. Read “Quentin Durward.” Tomorrow I rise early to go to Nashua for State Music Festival with band and orchestra. Bob goes, too. In p.m. I am going to run in the Bellows Falls track meet here.

May 12, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Had a geometry test today. In p.m. went to track. Ran a 220 and 2 – 100s and ½ mile, In the future I guess I’ll go into more detail on track. After supper went to Doc’s and operated (35 cents). Studied.

May 11, 1938 Wednesday

P.P.W.T.S. Today I started taking weather observations and studying weather prediction just for the fun of it. Went to track in p.m. Studied Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” in evening. Learned part of:

“The quality of mercy is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest.
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes."

May 10, 1938 Tuesday

P.P.W.T.S.= peddled papers, went to school
P.P.W.T.S. It was announced today that Bob is this year’s valedictorian as Laura was. He got his picture in the Sentinel and it was mentioned in the out-of-town papers. Had an orchestra rehearsal in p.m. for state contest at Nashua on Saturday. Went to track. I am in a slump in running. Loafed.

Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9, 1938 Monday

P.P.W.T.S. Had pictures taken for Salmagundi today. In p.m. went to track with Nareau. Worked lightly. In evening went to return of an old but excellent picture of Wallace Beery in “Treasure Island.” Enjoyed it. I like that book about as good as any I know.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 8, 1938 Sunday

Slept late (till 10:30). Bob, Laura, and Pa went to Hartland today. Ma and I stayed home. This is mother’s day. Loafed. Worked on Geometry. In evening went to rehearsal of Keene City Band.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 7, 1938 Saturday

Rose early and left at 6 for Durham with the coach. Arrived in plenty of time. In a.m. was eliminated from the 220 in the first heat. Got a free dinner at U.N.H. In p.m. watched the finals. Stallbird slowed badly in the mile. Nareau went slowly, too. In the mile relay Scott, Brosnahan, Nareau and I ran 5th, just off scoring position. I dropped from 4th to 5th in my lap. Had supper in Concord. Home at 9:30. Had a sub for my papers.

May 6, 1938 Friday

P.P.W.T.S. Wore band uniform and had picture for Salmagundi taken. In p.m. went to track with Nareau for a very light workout on passing the baton in relays. It rained and was a little cold so I wore some warm-up pants and sweatshirt I bought at Sears & Roebuck. Tomorrow I go to State Track meet at Durham. Will run 220 and relay (1/4 mile for each man). I won’t do anything in 220 but hope to score in relay. You see, if I get any points I will get a letter.

May 5, 1938 Thursday

P.P.W.T.S. Went to track with Nareau in p.m. Ran a quarter-mile in 58 2/5 seconds. Operated at Doc’s (25 cents). In evening we went to Swanzey to the home of Cullin Thrasher to visit. Their son Waldo is now home from Concord’s mental hospital and is practically well.