Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29, 1938 Saturday

Slept late. Worked at garage in a.m. In p.m. went in some Forcier, who Pa discovered for me, to Claremont. K.H.S. tied Claremont 0-0, not a defeat, but it spoiled our record.

October 28, 1938 Friday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. went to movies at Latchis, “Stablemates.” In evening went to Kappa Phi party. Lousy—so I came home early.

October 27, 1938 Thursday

S.U. W.T.S. Studied a little. Worked 2 hours at garage in p.m. In evening had a band rehearsal.

October 26, 1938 Wednesday

S.U. W.T.S. Studied. Wrote a description for English. Read book report book.

Friday, October 24, 2008

October 25, 1938 Tuesday

S.U. W.T.S. Studied. All I do is study and got lousy marks in tests. What to do! Sadness, woe, etc., etc.

October 24, 1938 Monday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. studied. Started reading Martin Johnson’s “Congorilla” for book report in evening. I like it.

October 23, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Did a magazine report on the Yankee in a.m. In p.m. at three went to church for Pilgrim Fellowship Rally (county). We gave supper for 15 cents. He planned for 75 and got 130, so we had to buy some more beans, etc. We profited $9.42.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 22, 1938 Saturday

In a.m. played around doing extra things. In p.m. went with band to see K.H.S. hop on Manchester West 26-0. In evening went to library.

October 21, 1938 Friday

S.U. Worked at garage all day. Went to Peterboro, etc. (to date for week $4.50). In evening, at invitation of Marion Philipps, I went to masquerade party at First Church. I dressed as a pirate and had a good time.

October 20, 1938 Thursday

S.U. No school today or Friday due to Teachers Convention. Played football in a.m. Worked at garage in p.m. (to date for week $2.75). In evening took Signe Olson to dancing lesson to be my partner. She went and claimed to enjoy it—it rained so her father took us back and forth in their car.

October 19, 1938 Wednesday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. went to 10-cent show “Little Lord Fauntleroy.” In evening 30 or less members of the Keene High School Band met at the High School under Mr. Woodbury to form a small, but well-qualified band for jobs that require a smaller band than ours at school. Fine time—I am only horn.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 18, 1938 Tuesday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. bought a book (vol. 3) of an encyclopedia for which you save coupons in the Sentinel and give 59 cents. Had a committee meeting at church for supper next Sunday. In evening wrote an essay on “Great Literature as a Refining Influence on Appreciative Readers.”
Live and help live.

Friday, October 17, 2008

October 17, 1938 Monday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. went to jayvee game with Vermont Academy. V.A. won 7-0. Studied in evening, went to Doc’s to operate (25 cents). Enclose picture of K.H.S. band of last year. I am squatted on the ground next to the tympani on the right—with circular mellophone.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 16, 1938 Sunday

Slept with Bob. Went to church. Mr. Gooch preached today. In p.m. we rode around with Bob. In evening ad a C.E. meeting which no-one had prepared for. We voted to change the name, at my suggestion and selection, to the Kappa Phi Club. I led a discussion, extempore, on propaganda. Incidentally, Kappa Phi stands for Christian Fellowship Club.

October 15, 1938 Saturday

S.U. Worked at Russell and Foster’s in a.m. Shined horn. In p.m. K.H.S. beat Newport, allegedly good, 39-0. Band played, but was lousy because of absence of most of our trumpets and trombones and Mr. Woodbury to Dartmouth-Brown game. Went to Emmond’s with Arlene, as last Sat. Bob came home today for first time—good to see him again. We went downstreet after supper.

October 14, 1938 Friday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. took a bath and practiced dancing. In evening went to Freshmen Reception with Arlene Ames. I, as Junior President, had to be in the reception line and one of the leading couples in the grand march. Had some fun dancing and then to drug store for ice cream.

October 13, 1938 Thursday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. studied and went to movies with Ernie. In evening went to second dancing lesson. Learned quite a bit.

October 12, 1938 Wednesday

Columbus Day. No school. S.U. Played football in a.m. In p.m. went with Pa and Uncle Carl to Jayvee football game at Brattleboro. 0-0 tie. Studied tres fortement.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 11, 1938 Tuesday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. had meeting of junior class officers. We are going to have a class meeting Thursday. In evening went with Pa to movie version of “You Can’t Take it With You.” I liked it just as well as when I had read the play and Pa seems tickled pink by it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

October 10, 1938 Monday

S.U. W.T.S. Have resolved to really do some studying this week, because I have really been shirking for a few weeks and am slipping in most everything, particularly French. Studied most of today. It’s all right to have lots of extra-curricular activities but you enjoy them a lot more if your studies are up, for while they are important it is really for the studies that we go to school.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 9, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to church. Studied in p.m. In evening led a discussion in C.E. on “Honesty.” It went very well.

October 8, 1938 Saturday

S.U. Worked at garage in a.m. and at 1:00 p.m. K.H.S. band marched through street. Then to football game to see dear old K.H.S. trounce Tilton Academy Jayvee’s 85-0. In evening went downstreet. Bought a book. My French horn, which I had sent to Boston to have a dent taken out, came back today, costing $4.65. Good to see it again.

October 7, 1938 Friday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. studied and in evening went with Arlene Ames to Paderewsky again. Well worth seeing twice.

October 6, 1938 Thursday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. saw Ignace Jan Paderewsky in “Moonlight Sonata.” He played superbly Chopin’s Polonaise in A-flat major and Liszt’s 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody and the first movement of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” I had prepared to hear all 3 movements, but was pleased with what I heard. In evening went to dancing lesson with Sherm and Nareau—really had one tonight.

October 5, 1938 Wednesday

S.U. W.T.S. Studied music for “Moonlight Sonata” in p.m. At 5 o’clock went to Peterboro in a garage car to get some parts for Russell and Foster’s. Ate supper in a restaurant there and came home about 7:45 to find Pa and Ma very worried about me.

October 4, 1938 Tuesday

S.U. W.T.S. Yesterday we held the primaries for class officers and I was nominated along with Donald Shedd for Pres. I have been nominated for office every year but never quite get elected. Went to Scenic in p.m. with Ernie. In evening studied “Moonlight Sonata.”

Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3, 1938 Monday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. studied. Went to the library and got a book containing the score of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” It is coming in a movie Thursday and Friday.

October 2, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to church. In p.m. went to Alden’s for dinner and played horn there in p.m. Went to C.E. in evening—was elected Treasurer. Keene Band had annual business meeting. Re-elected all officers. I was officially voted in.

October 1, 1938 Saturday

S.U. In a.m. worked at Russell and Foster’s. Went to Peterborough alone to get some parts. In p.m. K.H.S. band played at Keene’s first football game with Concord. We won in a good game 14-0. Band played and made a lousy K at the half.

September 30, 1938 Friday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. went to 10-cent show “Marco Polo.” Played rummy with Mant in evening. No lights yet.

September 29, 1938 Thursday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. played football with Nareau and Louis. In evening was scheduled to start our dancing classes but nobody turned up.

September 28, 1938 Wednesday

S.U. W.T.S. Rode bike. Studied Latin. Went to bed early as we have no lights yet.

September 27, 1938 Tuesday

W.T.S. Had band. Studied in p.m. In evening went to 10-cent show at Colonial with Mant, Laura, and Pa.

September 26, 1938 Monday

W.T.S. We got light assignments because of no electricity. Worked at Russell and Foster’s in p.m. Got my job back again. Went for a ride on bicycle in p.m. Studied a wee bit after supper.

September 25, 1938 Sunday

Slept quite late. Read a play “You and I” today (art vs. business, again). Pa administered a haircut on me in the morning. In p.m. Laura and I went for a walk up Elm Street and down Court. Nice clear, cool fall day. No lights are on yet so we all went to bed early.

September 24, 1938 Saturday

S.U. Wrote a long letter to Bob in a.m. In p.m. I went with Doc to a farm to operate on a horse. Studied. In evening played rummy with Mant. Russell and Foster said that I needn’t sweep up again ‘til business picked up.

September 22, 1938 Thursday

Arose early to view the storm damage. It is terrible. The majority of Keene’s lovely giant elms are blown down—on to houses, into every street. Railroads are of course impassable. There is no electricity and water power is low. I know of 3 cars being completely demolished by trees falling on them. 2 others were stopped right in the center of the street with telephone poles falling on them. The bowling alley near us had its entire roof blown off and the brick building wrecked down to the first floor. A house above ours was split into by a tree, leaving it inner rooms exposed to the open air. (Of course there is no school and I spend my time looking and helping). Practically every house is hurt in some way and nearly all have at least one tree on them or in their yards. Barns and garages have either floated away or been blown down. To put it briefly, Keene is practically wrecked—although we know of no fatalities. We personally were very lucky. We only had our shingles blown off, a door blown off its hinges, a window blown out and a screen porch downstairs wrenched around. No trees struck our house. The places are being rebuilt as fast as possible. Yesterday, one couldn’t walk 25 feet without striking some impassable debris—trees, telephone poles or wires, ridge poles, roofing, etc. Now it is 50 feet.

September 21, 1938 Wednesday

S.U. It has been raining several days. The water is at flood levels. The whistle blew for no school for High School or Grammar today. Came home and read book report book all a.m. In p.m. went out with Ernie to look at the flood waters. Helped his big sister move her furniture out of danger and came home at 5—it was raining even then—very hard. Ram around to do some quick errands and at 6:00 p.m. Keene became the victim of a howling hurricane. Our house shook back and forth so that we all went downstairs until it was over—or rather lessened, for it kept up viciously all night.

September 20, 1938 Tuesday

S.U. W.T.S. Studied. Uncle Mant was up for supper and in the evening (9:15) I, in driving them home in rain and fog, jammed a fender of the car, three dollars worth (curses).

September 19, 1938 Monday

S.U. W.T.S. In p.m. Uncle Mant Thrasher came up. He is vacationing in Keene. Studied.

September 18, 1938 Sunday

Slept late. Went to Sunday School. Studied horn. In p.m. Keene City Band played at the fair. Horse show was this afternoon. We played several good selections. Studied in evening.

September 17, 1938 Saturday

S.U. K.H.S. band at 9:00 marched through the town and from there went out again to the fair. We played off and on until 11:30, then were dismissed. Arlene and I stayed down for dinner and afternoon program. Heard McKellyn Band in a real good concert. Saw motorcycle riding, etc. Home at 6:00.